Man Robs Own Eye Clinic At Gunpoint

July 22, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter


An Everett officer works on the initial robbery report of the eye clinic Thursday morning at 10217 19TH AVE SE Everett, WA 98208 across from Costco.

Not sure what to file this under but yesterday a man robbed an Everett Eye Clinic at gunpoint.

It’s an eye clinic he’d been to before and they had his patient records.

According to probable cause paperwork written by an arresting officer, the 34-year-old Arlington man was inside the Silver Lake Eye Clinic around 9:35 AM getting his eyeglass prescription refilled.

While in the eye clinic the man selected approximately four pair of Nike glasses from off the display and placed them in the pocket of his shorts. When asked if he wanted to buy some sunglasses he told the employee “no.” The employee then told him, “I see there are sunglasses in your pockets.” The man responded to the employee by saying “I don’t have any sunglasses, but I do have a gun.” The employee stated the man then pulled up his shirt and showed her the gun in his pants waist band. He then fled the location in a black Cadillac Escalade.

Police say there was likely a woman and small child in the Cadillac and the clerk was terrified after he showed her the 9mm handgun.

With the man’s name from his eyeglass prescription along with immediate follow up work by another Everett police officer, the man was contacted and turned himself in at the south precinct. The location of 9 pairs of sunglasses worth more than $2600.00 was also revealed and the property recovered. The man was expected to make a first appearance in front of a judge today.

According to court papers the drug Xanax many have also played a role in the man’s actions.


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14 Responses to “Man Robs Own Eye Clinic At Gunpoint”

  1. Carl Dacop Says:

    YUP,Definately the Xanax..says it right on the bottle : MAY INDUCE FELONIOUS BEHAVIOR.My Uncle Gabeez showed me that./ so it must be true.

  2. Kay Says:

    This was almost funny … and proves two things: (1) criminals are not known for being super intelligent and thinking out their crimes beforehand; and (3) he must have thought just because he could not see them (he had been a patient there, after all) they must also not be able to see him, and his identity would remain a mystery.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up! 🙂

  3. AnonEmouse Says:

    I wonder what race this guy is?

    • GeoffTheGodofBiscuits Says:

      Human race, probably.
      I think if it was a dog or a wombat that would have been mentioned.

  4. Mike N Says:

    Xanax. Side effects may include headaches, nausea, constipation, and armed robbery.

  5. Bourne Says:

    He was in the process of turning his life around when these militant glasses jumped off the shelf and into his pocket right next to his 9. He then sped away in his pimped >>Cadillac Escalate<< in a xanax induced daze not knowing the glasses nor the gun was on his person because– xanax.

    In SnoCO he'll get community service, a program commitment, and a small fine.

  6. Donkey Hotay Says:

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say a customer robbed the eye clinic? From the headline, I expected the owner to have held up his own clinic.

  7. anon Says:

    Because they have tons of cash money at a dental office?

    • anon Says:

      Ahhh. Xanax. Now we know the culprit. You can’t just say there are bad people in the world, you gotta make excuses for peoples stupidity.

      The marijuana made me do it, sir.

    • GeoffTheGodOfBiscuits Says:

      Here’s proof you don’t read even the short articles, you just come here to relieve yourself.

      It was an eye clinic and he stole sunglasses.

      • anon Says:

        Thanks for correcting me. People like you, always waiting for that “Gotcha” moment.

        I did read the article. And typed dental by mistake. Whoops.

  8. Bernie Says:

    BLM n effect, you owe me!!!