Attempted Kidnapping At S. Everett IHOP Lot

July 22, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

attempted kidnapping

The attempted kidnap victim being attended to by Everett Paramedics.

attempted kidnapping

Officers look for evidence along the IHOP parking lot.

attempted kidnapping

An Everett Police officer watches over one of the suspects.

attempted kidnapping

A second suspect is searched.

An attempted kidnapping and assault gave lunch guests at the south Everett IHOP some excitement today.

According to Aaron Snell with Everett Police just before noon a man was attacked by two others outside of his car at the IHOP at Everett Mall Way and Evergreen Way.

Snell says the two assaulted the man and tried to kidnap him. Calls about a fight began coming into 9-1-1.

Multiple Everett Police were nearby and while some went to the scene at IHOP, others were able to stop a car containing the two suspects at 4th Avenue West and Everett Mall Way.

This led to a huge traffic backup on Everett Mall Way between Evergreen and 4th Ave. West.

There was a report of a possible shot fired but police were still working the scene and hadn’t confirmed a gun was used.

Officers were seen collecting plastic wire ties and money from the parking lot.

Snell says the victim was transported to an Everett hospital to be checked out while the two suspects have been detained for attempted kidnapping and second degree assault.

Police are still trying to determine a motive and the relationship if any between victim and suspects. Click photos to enlarge.

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14 Responses to “Attempted Kidnapping At S. Everett IHOP Lot”

  1. Carl Dacop Says:

    HEY,I just noticed what my pal told me..the Everett Police are buying old Crown Victoria ex-cruisers,in good shape of course,because the HEMI Dodge Chargers are blowing engines faster than they can put them we,i mean they beat the snot out of the Charger V8’s,in all honesty they are just beat to death,and they can’t take all that city use,AND 370 hp IS A BIT TOO MUCH FOR CITY USE,ANYWAY.for those who may not know they FORD stopped making the Crown Vic in 2011.BIG police car ever made…300-400 thousand miles there good for…not real fast,but they last…

  2. Mike N Says:

    Collecting a drug debt?

  3. anon Says:

    So what were they going to do after the kidnapping? Murder, rape, assault, torture?
    Interested to know their intentions, as it should incriminate them more.

  4. Bernie Says:

    Bounty hunter wannabes.

  5. Bourne Says:

    These perps look like pros. It will be interesting to find out
    what the real story was.

  6. wa-fix Says:

    Who would’ve guessed it was a minority…

    • Mark Warren Says:


      Who would guess that you are a liar? Why do you spout off before you even look at the pictures? Did you notice that the suspect has white skin and straight hair?

      I wouldnt say that you are a racist… but you sure jumped on them being a minority awful quick. Maybe you are ‘just’ a bigot and not a racist…. ?


      • wa-fix Says:

        The guy on the floor is most certainly one of the two, you instantly blaming a white person is equally correct.

        Be very careful Mark Warren when throwing the race card around, I stated a fact, you stated a fact. It was a minority and a white guy.

    • Victoria Says:

      WA-Fix…what makes you think it’s a minority. No where in the story does it give names or type of race.

  7. Donkey Hotay Says:

    They appear to be dressed all in black. I wonder what the significance of that would be. Does black help obscure description of body size?

    • Victoria Says:

      Donkey Hotay…I wear all black sometimes, does that mean i dabble in crime? Under your logic yes it does. Even though I work at a reputable company in Washington state, own my own car and have never committed a crime in my life. People wear black. Doesn’t mean they’re thieves or felons. Get over it

      • Donkey Hotay Says:

        These two apparently were attempting a premeditated kidnapping. I noticed they both were dressed completely in black–this makes sense for a nocturnal abduction but why in the daylight.

        I didn’t accuse them of being emo or goth or whatever my speculation seems to have triggered in you. I am curious if there is a criminal advantage in wearing black during a daylight crime.

  8. Jack kass Says:

    wire ties are damning evidence of attempted kidnapping. These dudes will be going to prison for a number of years.