Bail At $50,000.00 On Suspect In Sunday Crash

July 11, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter


The suspect after being caught Sunday morning.


The suspect at her probable cause hearing.

A judge today found probable cause and set bail at $50,000.00 for a 32-year-old Marysville woman on multiple charges following yesterday’s crash on Everett Mall Way. Papers filed with the court paint a clearer picture on what police from three different agencies say occurred. According to a Sheriff’s deputy a man had left his truck running at the gas pumps while he went into Getchell station to pay. While in the station a customer came in and told him someone had just driven off in his truck. The man told the deputy he left it running as the battery was bad and wouldn’t re-start if he shut it off. He told the deputy he’d seen a woman run from the bus stop toward his truck but was paying for gas and didn’t see her drive off.

A few minutes later a Lake Stevens Police Officer began looking for the truck after he heard a broadcast on the police radio. He spotted the truck and began following it as it went west on Sunnyside toward Marysville. When the truck turned onto 4th street the Lake Stevens officer said he turned on his lights and siren and the truck began to accelerate. The truck reportedly ran the red light at 4th and State Street and then began driving up the sidewalk until it turned south up the northbound off-ramp from I-5. The officer did not pursue the truck the wrong way on I-5 due to the danger it presented.

At about six minutes after 10am an Everett Police officer saw the truck come the wrong way off I-5 and head west on Everett Mall Way at a high rate of speed. The truck then caused a multi-vehicle crash at 3rd SE and Everett Mall Way. The driver ran from the truck and was followed by a witness who told police the driver was a woman wearing dark clothing and that she threatened to cut him and kill him several times before diving into some bushes on the side of the road. A K-9 was called in and contacted the woman who had covered herself with mud. Officers located a knife in her right front pocket.

With the judge finding probable cause and setting bail at $50K, the Snohomish County Prosecutor now has until 5:00 PM Wednesday to file charges or release her from jail.


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10 Responses to “Bail At $50,000.00 On Suspect In Sunday Crash”

  1. Dolores O'rearend Says:

    Well she appears to be white so that explains her pittance of a bail amount for putting so many peoples life at risk.

    Outta the way, white woman comin’ thru!

  2. Michael Jones Says:

    So she drove the wrong way on I-5 from the 4th street exit, Marysville all the way to the Everett Mall exit! Bail should be $500,000. I can already hear her plaintive whine in court ordered NA meetings, group therapy etc. “ITS NOT MY FAULT, it’s my ADDICTION!”

  3. Kay Says:

    Let me guess … her insurance isn’t going to cover all of the damage she did … oh, right. No license, no insurance, TOTAL loser that the rest of us get to pay to take care of. It is one thing to be a hot mess. It is another thing entirely to damage the property other people work hard to own and maintain. Good thing she did all of this on Mayor for Life Ray’s watch – she will have free housing, too when she rises to the top of the “criminal justice” system (and I do use that term as loosely as possible)!! A win/win all the way around … except for the rest of us.

  4. Zach Says:

    Honestly, for no makeup and a jailbird jumpsuit, she doesn’t look half-bad.

  5. AnonEmouse Says:

    She’ll be out in weeks nice and rested
    with a couple free meals in her belly. Heck maybe she’ll even get a new place to live courtesy the druggie loving mayor.

    • Zachy Says:

      Poor soul, hope she gets her free pain meds and medical. Hope some liberal shyster takes her case Pro bono. Give Max Harrison a heads up!!!

  6. Eleanore Says:

    Glad it went up!!

  7. Bourne Says:

    After they cleaned her up she still looks like an addict. She’ll walk with
    community service and a ‘program’ commitment.