PUD Monthly Meter Reading Update

June 23, 2016

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Today the Snohomish PUD posted the latest update to the change to monthly meter reading. The PUD says it will cost 11.5 million dollars over three years. Here’s the scoop…

monthly meter reading

In person monthly meter readings begin this fall.

Snohomish County PUD continues to make progress on its project to read every customer meter each month, and is on schedule to implement the change by October.

PUD project lead Will Odell presented an update at Tuesday’s PUD Commission Meeting. The project, which initially was projected to cost the PUD $18 million over three years, has come down in cost. Odell said that the newest estimation for the project is $11.5 million over three years, which includes upgraded equipment, hiring of contractors and facility costs.

The cost of the project is being funded out of the utility’s reserves and is not expected to impact customers’ rates.

The PUD is in final contract negotiations with an outside contractor to read the additional meters for the next three years. The contractor, Kentucky-based TruCheck, will hire approximately 36 local workers to read the meters. The contracted meter readers will be based at the PUD’s Halls Lake facility in Lynnwood.

The change to reading customers meters monthly eliminates having to estimate customer bills every other month. In some instances, estimated bills will still be performed because of a lack of access and weather conditions.

The PUD has a web page with information about monthly billing that they keep updating. It also has a good FAQ about the meter reading program. Click here to visit the page.

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5 Responses to “PUD Monthly Meter Reading Update”

  1. Judy Says:

    I am VERY happy PUD has listened to the citizens of Snohomish County and using the reserve we the CUSTOMER has paid in to them over the years. Thank you TruCheck for hiring local people for this. Please use the reserve to pay for the smart meters in a couple of years and do not pass the cost to the citizens. Judy

  2. Anon Says:

    Hmmm…$11.5M over three years for upgraded equipment, hiring contractors, and facility costs.

    Upgraded equipment? For what, tracking monthly billing? No…wait…that’s been done. We’ve paid for that, I remember the bill hike.

    Hiring contractors? Ok, this I can get behind. 36 contractors at $40k/yr each for three years is $4.23M. That’s got to be too low. How about 36 contractors at $80k/yr each for three years? Getting closer now, $8.64M.

    So what does that leave over…between $7.27M and $2.86M.

    Between $2M and $7M over three years for “facilities costs”. Facilities costs for contractors. Facilities costs for contractors who read meters. Shouldn’t they be out…reading meters for 99.8% of their time? That leaves 0.2% of their time for things. Things like training. I’ll bet the main office has a conference room that can seat 36 already.

    Better yet, I’ll lease my garage to them for $2M over the next three years. They’ll save AT LEAST three quarter of a million.

    No need to thank me PUD commissioner…I’ll be here waiting for your call and your rent check.

  3. Bourne Says:

    When the new PUD bills come rolling in and they are more than what they were previously, the whining and gnashing of teeth will be sweet.

  4. Donkey Hotay Says:

    Then why didn’t they revert to the 2-month intervals for meter reading that they had been using before guesstimating suddenly became a fad?

    • Zach Says:

      I assume because the average person is so financially illiterate they can’t even budget for a double electric bill every other month.