Hit And Run Driver Shuts NB 529 Bridge

June 12, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s Update 12Noon: The northbound 529 bridge is again open to traffic. May be brief testing periods this afternoon but traffic is no longer being detoured off the bridge.

Editor’s Update 10:45 AM: Everett Police say the hit and run driver has been contacted and cited. The bridge likely will not be open until after 12Noon.

hit and run driver

A truck comes southbound in the northbound lane.

hit and run driver

More than 2 dozen cars were stuck on the bridge.

hit and run driver

A hit and run driver smashed the crossing arm and barrier.

hit and run driver

The safety gate kept any other cars from getting through.

A hit and run driver is to blame for the shut-down of northbound 529 between Everett and Marysville this morning.

The driver of a black Honda reportedly struck the barrier and crossing arm at the draw bridge over the Snohomish River.

The car then continued north to Marysville.

The emergency saftey gate came down and traffic behind the car was forced to stop.

Everett Police had to have cars turn around and go back southbound in the northbound lanes of Broadway.

The bridge is still closed as of 10:00 AM while inspectors are brought in to look at the damage.

Here are a few MyEverettNews.com photos from the bridge.

We’ll update when we get more information.

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