Phony Firefighters Fundraising Scam Reported in Everett

May 26, 2016

Everett, Everett Fire

phony firefighters

Everett Firefighters give back to the community in many ways but they don’t collect donations door to door. is receiving reports of phony firefighters. Specifically people going door to door in parts of Everett claiming to be firefighters and asking for donations. Neither the City of Everett Firefighters nor Everett Firefighters IAFF Local 46 raise funds in this manner. If you are approached by people claiming to be employees or volunteers of the Everett Fire Department or Union Local 46 asking for donations, tell them no and call 9-1-1. People have also reported receiving fund-raising phone calls and Everett Firefighters and Local 46 do not raise funds in that manner. If you’d like to support Everett Firefighters you can check out the Medic One Foundation here or Everett Firefighters IAFF Local 46 here. Again neither group collects funds door to door.

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