Everett Mayor Sorry Over Low Barrier Housing Communication

May 25, 2016

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Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson speaks at a low barrier housing roundtable with Govenor Inslee in February.

During today’s Everett City Council meeting Mayor Ray Stephanson issued an apology for how the city has handled low barrier housing communication. “I apologize…we got over our skis,” said Stephanson. “We didn’t communicate like we wanted and we’ll make it up.”

The city is working on the first of what the Mayor says he hopes to be many low barrier housing facilities. He told the council he’d like to see one thousand units of low barrier housing in Everett over the next decade. “I want the public to embrace this,” he said. “I pledge to do my best to answer the questions.”

The Mayor said he spent an hour and a half at the Pinehurst Neighborhood meeting last night talking with neighbors about low barrier housing. He also invited to set up field trips to low barrier housing projects in Bellingham and Seattle so people from Everett can see for themselves what a low barrier housing facility looks like. “I know people are concerned about the unknown,” said Stephanson. “This is a brand new experience for all of us.”

City Councilmember Brenda Stonecipher is asking the administration for a map of all of the areas within the Everett City limits where low barrier housing could be placed. She also expressed concern that there be enough parking for staff members working at the low barrier facilities.

City Councilmember Cassie Franklin advised that very few people who will be living in the facility have vehicles and parking should not be an issue. She also urged people to look at the city’s website for information on low barrier housing.

The city last week also put out 16 frequently asked questions with answers on the low barrier housing project.

City Councilmember Paul Roberts said he felt this is a great opportunity for education about what low barrier housing is and is not.

A public hearing on the proposed ordinance is set for Wednesday June 8th.

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