Everett’s Chronic Nuisance Law Not Applicable To Low Barrier Housing

May 24, 2016

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An ariel view of the site provided by the City of Everett.

On Sunday MyEverettNews.com wrote about Everett’s chronic nuisance law and potential changes to the zoning code in order to move ahead with building the city’s first low barrier housing facility in the area of Pecks Drive and Evergreen Way.

Today MyEverettNews.com received the following email from Everett Communication Director Meghan Pembroke…

“I wanted to provide a couple of clarifications/corrections to your Sunday story about the proposed low-barrier housing site.

First, a clarification to the section about the proposed zoning code change before Council this week: “This Wednesday the Everett City Council will get a look at the first of several zoning code changes that will allow low barrier housing. The first of the changes will provide that low barrier housing will be permitted only on land owned by a public agency or that the public agency has transferred to another entity for the purpose of developing supportive housing.”

The italicized text is a footnote regarding single-family zones where this type of facility would only be allowed on publicly owned property. The zoning code proposal allows supportive housing in many other zones of the city as well, where this type of facility could be on public or private property.

You also described potential changes to chronic nuisance laws and SODA orders. The chronic nuisance law does not apply to this type of facility and we don’t anticipate making any changes to that ordinance. SODA (stay out of drug areas) orders are set by a judge. Exemptions can be granted if an individual’s residence falls within the SODA boundaries, regardless of whether that individual is in low-barrier housing.

I know a lot of Everett residents get their news from your site, so I hope you can update the story to make sure the information is accurate.

Here is the link to the information that the Everett City Council will see tomorrow and hold a public hearing about on June 8th. The proposed changes are in red.

MyEverettNews.com appreciates the clarification from the city that the chronic nuisance law and Stay Out of Drug Areas aren’t applicable to low barrier housing.

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