Crash Takes Out Lights At 79th and Evergreen

May 13, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

79th and Evergreen

Everett Fire and Police check the people involved in the crash

79th and Evergreen

A pickup involved in the crash.

79th and Evergreen

This Mustang took out the traffic light control box.

It will be a 4-way stop for some time after a crash took out the traffic light control box at 79th and Evergreen Way Friday night.

It happened about 7:45 PM.

Fortunately there were no injuries.

Just a reminder, when traffic signals are dark it becomes a 4-Way stop for everybody. (Just like in the Pemco commercial)

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One Response to “Crash Takes Out Lights At 79th and Evergreen”

  1. Diogenes Says:

    It sounds like a perfect opportunity to do some education, since it’s only this one intersection. Have police handy and have them stop those who don’t have a clue and educate them (no, not fine…)

    Look for the ones who do not go when they should to the extent traffic backs up. And look for the ones that go the same time the car ahead of them does – as if 3-5 are supposed to go through in the same turn. Especially look for those who cut off left turners or the the left turners.