Everett Advising of Turbid Water

May 5, 2016


Editor’s Update 4:45 PM: City of Everett Public Information Director Meghan Pembroke tells MyEverett News.com that about 15 people reported cloudy water but after being re-contacted are reporting the water is clearing.


Reader submitted photo of water on W. Casino Road.

Around Noon today MyEverettNews.com began receiving reports of cloudy or turbid water from a business park on Casino Road. At 2:30 PM Everett Public Works posted the following alert…

Reports of discolored water in Casino Road area.

There is an upset in the use of our water system around the Casino Road area. This has resulted in an increased turbidity in this area. We recommend that you not use your water for up to one hour.

When you do use your water, run it until it becomes clear. We are currently checking water quality and taking measures to flush the turbid waters out of our system. We recommend flushing the water into a bathtub. If you are seeing discolored water, we also recommend that you do not do laundry or wash dishes at this time.

This is not related to lead in the water. If you have questions, please contact Public Works at 425-257-8821.

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