Parrot Perched Outside Everett City Hall

Editor’s Update 11:30 AM: Just got word Polly’s human Grampa showed up and Polly is down from the tree and safely back home…


Polly seems quite content.


Polly’s human, Matt tries to talk him down.


Looks like a good spot for a nap.


Polly has been saying hello to Everett City workers below.

It doesn’t seem to be a sit-in or protest but simply a comfortable spot to take a nap for a parrot perched in a tree outside city hall in downtown Everett.

The parrot was first spotted in the tree at the northeast side of city hall around 7:45 AM.

So far 3 hours have gone by and the parrot is still there. His name is Polly.

His owner Matt says this is the first time Polly has flown away from his downtown Everett apartment.

Right now Matt is waiting Polly out and hopes after his nap and outdoor door adventure he’ll come back down into his cage.

Here are a couple of photos of Polly and Matt’s adventure so far.

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3 Responses to “Parrot Perched Outside Everett City Hall”

  1. Kelly Murphy-Stevens Says:


    I work for the city. My Mom had the same type of parrot and I would talk parrot to Mom’s parrot for hours in her kitchen. Today, around 10:45 I went outside to run an errand and gave my parrot talk to Polly again asking her to come down and then speaking parrot noise. She was at least 25 feet above us, but she kept turning her head at me and climbing toward my hand and granola, until she was on branches too weak to support her weight and she flew down and around the back of the City of Everett building near the recycle bins. I ran around back and she climbed right on my hand. She has been without food for a few days in her city escape. I put her in their cat kennel that the owner brought and she went home.

    A hour later the owner came back to the city building and found me, thanked me and offered a reward. I am a pet lover. I was glad to help him, no charge.

    The owner reported her missing to Everett Animal Control on the day she escaped and people called Everett Animal Control this morning when she was spotted.

    It is vital to take all lost pets to a shelter quickly and not keep them at your home. People call the shelter when a pet is missing. In this case, it paid off for him to contact the shelter about a loose parrot.


  2. Well Wisher Says:

    Polly has gone home. The son of the owner was out here all morning and when the bird’s owner showed up, down came Polly. A happy ending for all.

  3. karen Says:

    polly wants a cracker and some new rules, he want you to know that polly is doing the training for now on, lol, “Go Polly” ,