Motorcycle Rider Killed on 99 in S. Everett

April 19, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s Update Wednesday April 20th 5:45 PM: The Snohomish County Medical Examiner identified the motorcycle rider as 27-year-old Anthony B. Vargo of Marysville. Everett Police are still investigating the crash.

motorcycle rider

Everett Police are investigating.

A motorcycle rider was killed this afternoon when his bike struck the side of a delivery vehicle at the intersection of Center Road and Highway 99 just north of Home Depot. All northbound lanes of 99 are closed and one lane of north 99 is getting through in the center left turn lane. You may want to avoid the area. Everett Police are investigating and lanes will not re-open until the medical examiner is done with the scene.

Here are some photos of the scene.


The crash happened around 2:00 PM


The motorcycle hit the side of this truck.


Only one lane of northbound traffic was getting through.

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34 Responses to “Motorcycle Rider Killed on 99 in S. Everett”

  1. RONNILYNN Says:


  2. Je T'aime Slavens Says:

    I did not personally know Anthony, but we had our speech class this quarter together.
    I remember watching him give his speech first speech he did it on quote that was read to him and his platoon when they’d lost one of their own, I envied his confidence and ability to remember his speech so well.I’m forever grateful for his willingness to put his life on the line to protect ours. I know he was a good and great guy. There are no words that can express the amount of sadness I feel for his families loss, my deepest condolences and prayers go out to all of you including his fiancée. Please let me know when his funeral will be held, I would love to pay my respect.
    Thank You and Semper Fi,
    Je T’aime Slavens (

  3. Amy Flink Says:

    My mom and I were headed northbound from Lynnwood about 5 min after the accident and I saw the body covered in a sheet next to a wrecked motorcycle. So heartbreaking! To his family, I am sorry and I’m praying. I was in shock for hours.

  4. Alex Martinez Says:

    All of us will miss you Anthony, you were a great guy, always helping those that were struggling in certain subjects, not only in class but also in the shop. You were an inspiration to us all, and I will always remember our talks from military days, to conspiracy theories.My family gives our condolences and prayers……A and P just wont be the same without you man………….

  5. Kevin Muzzuco Says:

    We will miss you in the forest….God Speed.

  6. frank cozza Says:

    Dam T Varg can’t believe this happened feels like just yesterday we were on deployment together. I’m at a loss for words I know you’re in a better place watching over us. Prayers for your family and gf. Love you brother you will be greatly missed. Semper Fi

  7. ronni lynn Says:

    Just got back from crash scene after dropping kids off at school. Wow. 🙁

    • Keith Michael Printz Says:

      Im so sorry to hear about this, I was in tge Corps with Tony V and also worked in Afghanistan with him after we got out. Anthony was a really great friend and cared so much about everyone. He had a really down to earth personality that help him touch most people he encountered. The last stint we did together in Shindand and Kandahar all he talked about was his girl back home and how “awesome” she was. RIP in peace brother, you have already been missed for far too long.

  8. mark Says:

    First I want to say that Anthony was the finest son in law a father could ever ask for. I am in shock. I loved him like my own son. My daughter is devastated as is the rest of the family. He was a Marine Veteran and served his country in the War on Terror. Pray for him. I will always love and remember him with great respect. Mark B.

    • Dale Lerback Says:


      I was Anthony’s Aviation Teacher at the college. I just found out this morning what happened. I am so so sorry for your lose. Anthony was an awesome student and I really enjoyed having him in my class for almost 2 years. I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to all of his family.

    • Sean Says:


      I trained and worked along side with Anthony while he was in Afghanistan as a Contractor for L-3 Vertex. Great man, always eager to learn everything I could teach him. Please email me with funeral arrangements please.

  9. Linda Says:

    Dk and nick, did either of you witness the accident? Doesn’t sound like you did so how about both of you shut up. The only ones who know are the victim and witnesses to the accident. May the person who passed away, RIP. Wish I knew what happened in my sisters accident.

  10. Sarah Rees Says:

    What color was the bike some body needs 2. Let me know so I don’t go A wall for no reason…

  11. Kristi Says:

    I came down center road and saw the motorcycle and the man with a sheet over him. So sad. Do not know what happened. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May you rest in peace

    • James Says:

      That was my uncle on that bike and it really shocked me but he was a really good uncle that was always caring and I loved him very much but it’s so sad I can’t even explain it I looked up to him a lot and I will never forget the fun memories of him

      • Mike Says:

        My father was killed one year ago yesterday by another motorcycle not paying attention and it was tragic so let me just say it will get easier to deal with the pain but I don’t believe it will ever go away.
        hugs to you and your family.

      • ronni lynn Says:

        I really hope James and his family can grieve in peace. I know I’m Takin today home from work. I think I also may be calling some services for myself as I didn’t sleep well. Everytime I closed my eyes I see his face hiddem behind his helmet. And His last breath. I’m still shaking.. I am so so soo sooooo sorry 🙁 !!!

  12. ronni lynn Says:

    Wish I would have stayed but watching this man take his last breath was enough. Flutters of a pulse ans next to no breathing. He was gone before the 3rd sheriff ans first fire truck/ ambulance showed up. Pronounced dead on the scene. I am so sorry to his family. Prayers be with them.

    • mark Says:

      If you provided in comfort to my son in law in his last moments of life I would like to say thank you for being kind to him. If you witnessed the accident I would just like to know if you made a statement to the police. Thank you. Mark B

      • ronni lynn Says:

        I am sorry to say that I did not witness the accident. I was in the turn lane to go down center road only 2 cars away as the first person in his high visual colored sweater was attending to him. Beyond the gent in high viz sweater and the lady in white and blue flowered sun Dress, I was the 3rd person to be next to him but the first to check for pulse and breathing. I have some medical training but there was nothing I could do to help besides hope that he could hear us and let him know he wasn’t alone… it happened so quick. I pray he didn’t feel much of anything. And i pray for comfort in your time of grieving. Please remeber.. HE WAS NOT ALONE!!

    • Michelle Says:

      Ronni Lynn I am Anthony’s sister. And I first want to say that I am so sorry that this was such a traumatic thing for you to witness, please believe me when I say that unfortunately I know exactly what you went through. But I can’t begin to tell you how comforting it was to know that he wasn’t alone. It was my first question that I asked and until now, I had no answer. You being there that day was an immense service that you did for a whole family that you’ve never met, you have soothed my heart in more ways that i can articulate at this time, you are an angel to me <3 thank you so very much

      • Claudia Says:

        Im so sorry for your lost i dont know you guys but this is a really hard thing.. i saw your brother laying on the ground covered with the sheet i was passing close to him but something inside of me asked me to go back and pray for him this was so sad i was on my car just praying for his pece and for confort por all his family.. i was there all the time since i saw him until they pucked him up

      • RONNILYNN Says:


  13. Bourne Says:


  14. Curtis Says:

    When do they expect to have details about the incident?

    • Nick Says:

      I drove by about 5 minutes after it happened, it looked like the truck pulled out in front of the motorcyclist and he was killed on impact. They hadn’t even put the sheet over the body yet. Horrible.


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