Everett Firefighters Save Reptile Store

April 17, 2016


reptile store

Smoke comes from the Reptile store.

A reptile store on Hewitt Avenue was saved by the fast work of Everett Firefighters this morning. The store, located on the street level of what’s known as the Gable Furniture Building in the 2900 block of Hewitt Avenue, was filling with smoke as Everett Fire crews arrived.

It took some time but firefighters were able to determine the location of the smoke was a small fire started by a heat lamp that had fallen over on the floor in a storage area. The heat from the lamp began burning through the flooring toward the basement but Everett Firefighters got a quick stop with a minimal amount of water. That meant good things for the many reptiles in the store. The historic building also houses a church, appliance repair and other commercial businesses as well as apartments on the top floor.

Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos taken at the scene today.

reptile store

Everett Firefighters enter the basement in the back of the building.

reptile store

Everett Fire crews change out fresh air bottles.

reptile store

Crews re-enter the store to finish clearing out the smoke.

reptile store

You can see where the heat lamp burned the flooring.


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