Stolen Truck’s Wild Ride Through Everett

March 26, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

wild ride

The truck went across the street.

wild ride

Through a front yard and across a sidewalk.

wild ride

Up the front porch stairs.

wild ride

A K-9 begins to look for the driver of the truck.

wild ride

Another look at where the truck landed.

A wild ride through north Everett for the driver of a stolen truck.

Saturday about 1:40 PM Everett Police were called to a report of people following a stolen truck in north Everett. The brown Chevy truck had been at a house when a man jumped in and tried to get it started. A neighbor reached into the truck to try and stop the man from taking it and was dragged as the truck sped off through a yard. The neighbor then began following the truck.

A few minutes later an Everett Police sergeant spotted the truck and the driver used his turn signals and drove the proper speed limit with the police car behind. When the sergeant tried to stop the truck it wouldn’t pull over and then suddenly took off at high speed. The sergeant didn’t pursue the truck.

A few minutes later an Everett patrol officer spotted the truck and it again drove the speed limit and used signals before suddenly blowing through a red light.

A third police officer then had the truck stopped near 16th and Maple. As he was walking up to the truck the driver sped off, swerved into a yard across the street, across the road onto a sidewalk and back again across the street and up the stairs of a house in the 1500 block of Maple. The driver then took off running. Fortunately there wasn’t anyone at home in the house.

A K-9 unit was brought in but after an extensive search they were unable to locate the driver. When he is identified he’s likely facing a slew of charges including possessing a stolen vehicle, vehicular assault, and hit and run.

Here are a some photos from the area of 16th and Maple.

Click photos to enlarge.

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