Deli Clerk Pepper Sprays Masked Man

March 26, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

masked man

A masked man picked the wrong clerk to mess with.

masked man

An Everett Police officer searches the suspect.

masked man

The suspect is put into the back of an Everett Police car.

masked man

Police recovered the mask the man was wearing.

A masked man didn’t get anything but a face full of pepper spray and a set of handcuffs after going behind the counter at an Everett deli and grocery store.

Around 10:00 AM Saturday morning Everett Police were called to the Soundview Deli on Mukilteo Boulevard.

The clerk reported he’d sprayed a masked man in the face with pepper spray when the man went behind the counter.

The man left in a green pickup truck.

A short time later an Everett Police officer spotted the truck in the area around Howarth Park.

The officer called for backup and after it arrived, the man was taken into custody.

Police recovered the mask the man wore during the incident and he was arrested and booked into the Snohomish County Jail on suspicion of 2nd degree (strong arm) robbery

The clerk was not harmed.

Some photos of the arrest…


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5 Responses to “Deli Clerk Pepper Sprays Masked Man”

  1. anon Says:

    Mask looks like a Pac Man ghost. You know you can rob a place, get caught and not look like an idiot, right?

  2. Anon Says:

    Sound View Deli has awesome ham and cheese pastrami sandwiches.

    • anon Says:

      I’ve heard this too!

      • Jimb Says:

        Just catching up on missed news and read grumpy found an outlet for his anger. The only way i have seen him smile is when I drop him fresh crab on the way back from the boat ramp. The deli case has good chow if sales have not been slow. He is too old to try to talk to him about his attitude so I just make him on occasion. Apparently other people have noticed grumpy.

        1.0 star rating yelp

        The Asian man that owns The Soundview Deli and Grocery is probably the biggest asshole I’ve ever encountered.
        Some of his fingers were chopped off and now he’s left with nubs, perhaps this is the reason for his bitterness towards the world?
        I personally don’t think it’s a very good excuse.
        I purposely drop my change on the counter within the metal enclosed lottery window area so he has to struggle to pick it up with his nubs.
        This may sound cruel, but he totally deserves it. He yells at you if you ask how much something costs, once he gave me a ham and cheese that was burnt on the outside, cold on the inside, and had green ham, and he screams “CHA, CHA!” at you if he thinks you’re not going fast enough at picking your items and such.
        I’d rather drive the extra 5 minutes up to 7-11 even though the deli is only 20 seconds from my house just to avoid this turd.

  3. Bourne Says:

    Masked man is probably lucky it was only pepper spray.
    Good job PD!