Newborn Child Found In Everett Apartment Dumpster

March 25, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Update Saturday March 26 5:40 AM: The newborn boy is at the NICU at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett and is expected to survive. The Police investigation is ongoing.

9:41 PM UPDATE: Everett Police spokesman Aaron Snell Tells the child was a newborn baby boy. Around 8:20 PM Everett officers were called to the report of cries coming from the dumpster at the Mirabella Apartments in the 800 block of 112th street SE. Officers found the newborn in the dumpster. Medics transported the newborn to Providence Regional Medical Center. Baby only hours old. Call EPD Tip Line at 425-257-8450 if you know anything.


Everett Police begin their investigation.


Everett Police have secured the area.

Very few details so far. Here’s what we know as of 9:30 PM

Everett Police were called to a suspicious circumstances call at the Mirabella Apartments in the 800 Block of 112th Street SE.

A child was reportedly found in the dumpster.

The child was taken by Everett Medics to Providence Regional Medical Center.

The Everett Police Major Crimes Unit has been called out.

There is no other information so early.

No idea of child’s age or condition.

We’ll update as more information is made available.


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13 Responses to “Newborn Child Found In Everett Apartment Dumpster”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like attempted murder to me. Leaving a baby in a trash compactor on the day it’s supposed to compacted?

  2. pbird Says:

    Funny you don’t mention that it was a lady in a dress who dug the baby out of the garbage compactor according to the Daily Mail. Give the lady her props.

  3. Tjc Says:

    Cold place in hell for who did this
    Sure its one of everetts “victim” drug addicts

  4. Bourne Says:

    Sadly, this happens all too frequently in blue urban centers. Why is that?

    • Dennis Says:

      Why, because birth control is not being used. Don’t want a baby, use birth control. No excuse for this to happen. Oh, abortion is not birth control. Its legal killing of an unborn baby in development. So please, take your baby to a Fire Station, or emergency room, or put up for adoption. No baby deserves this. To be treated like trash. It did nothing wrong.

  5. Bobbie Says:

    This truly saddens me,there are many people,in this world,that cannot have children,there ARE places that you CAN leave newborns that are safe,someone out there knows something and to not come forward makes YOU just as guilty and SICK minded, if she didn’t want the burdens of a child than she should use birth control,I mean WHO carry’s infant for 9months feeling the baby move and all then just dumps the poor little one like trash?? There are plenty of adoption agency’s and caring people who don’t ask questions, and if you are on drugs and that’s YOUR EXCUSE FOR,TRYING TO MURDER THIS LITTLE ANGEL you should be accounted for..WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??

  6. anon Says:

    Stupid trashy people leaving babies behind in garbages. Attempted murder is what it should be. There’s laws for this that they simply ignored.

    If I went and killed my newborn, I’d be facing charges.

    Find this girl and take her away so she can’t be a mom again.

  7. Eleanore Says:

    Just find the loser b!tch that was pregnant hanging around the apts these losers need to be fixed

  8. Safe Haven Laws Says:

    All fifty states have Safe Haven Laws so there’s no need for this to ever happen. You can leave your baby, up to 3 days old, with a staff member or volunteer at any fire station, or the emergency room of any hospital, in Washington.

  9. Caitlyn Says:

    Oh my gosh!! Poor boy! I wish I was a foster parent, I’d take him and give him the love he OBVIOUSLY didn’t get. :'(

  10. Wa-Fix Says:

    Wow, what is wrong with people nowadays. Unbelieveable, thank goodness the cops and medics were able to respond and someone was able to find this new born.


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