Will You Be Dead Before Light Rail Comes to Everett?

March 24, 2016

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Sound Transit Puts Ballard Before Everett For Light Rail.

Today Sound Transit released its list of preferred projects for Sound Transit 3. A proposal they hope to take to voters later this fall. The price tag…Fifty billion dollars. That would cost every adult in the Regional Transportation Area $17.00 a month which works out to about $200.00 a year with no set expiration date. Back in 1996 voters in Everett were the difference in passing the original Sound Move Ten Year Transportation Plan. That was the first mention of bringing light rail to Everett. You can see the long range plan from 1996 here.

Today’s list of proposed projects and timelines puts light rail to Everett in 2041 (provided there are no delays). In front of Everett, 2023 is when light rail should be up between Lynnwood and Northgate. (this is under Sound Transit 2 which was approved by voters in 2008) 2033 is the date set for light rail between West Seattle and downtown. 2036 should bring light rail from Lynnwood to the area of 128th near Mariner Park and Ride. Ballard to downtown Seattle is set for completion in 2038.

That timeline does not sit well with Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson and other leaders in Snohomish County. Late this afternoon MyEverettNews.com received the following statement.

Sound Transit 3 Board Members

Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive
Dave Earling, Mayor of Edmonds
Paul Roberts, Everett City Council

Supported by Ray Stephanson, Mayor of Everett

March 24, 2016

“Connecting job and population centers by completing the Link Light Rail “spine” has always been a consensus priority of Sound Transit. Having reviewed the Sound Transit 3 proposal, we appreciate that these commitments have been recognized by including both the job center near Paine Field and Everett in the plan. We are encouraged that the overall goal of completing the “spine” is met in the draft proposal. We are concerned that the draft proposal currently states that it will take 25 years for Link Light Rail to Everett to be completed. In 20 years, an additional 200,000 people will have moved to Snohomish County, adding even more gridlock to I-5 and I-405. This gridlock slows commerce for the entire region and will affect job centers in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. We will work with our regional partners to move the completion of the “spine” forward to an acceptable timeframe.”

The next part of the process is public input with meetings planned throughout the region. You can also click here to give instant feedback and get on the sign up list for the latest updates.

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11 Responses to “Will You Be Dead Before Light Rail Comes to Everett?”

  1. Ryan Emerson Says:

    Snohomish county voters should do everything they can to stop the light rail. Sound transit is an absolute joke stealing tax dollars. There is no planning in this. No parking at the stations. I don’t know what hippies are running sound transit but only a small amount of the population want to take a bike or a bus to a train, to then take a bus to their destination. As it sits now with no parking the only people who can use the light rail are the few who live walking distance to a station. Terrible waste of money.

  2. Marietta Alexander Says:

    The short answer is “YES”!

  3. Bourne Says:

    A fast pipeline for more homeless to call Everett home.

    Will I be dead before it arrives? Gawd I hope so.

  4. Mike N Says:

    It only took a couple of years to build the light rail from Seattle to SeaTac. But it’s going to be 25 years to Everett? I’ll be long gone by then, and so will my money. If they wanted to, I’m sure it could be done in under 5 years, but then they wouldn’t be able to bilk the taxpayers to their graves.
    It’s too bad they didn’t do this 30 years ago when they first started talking about it.

  5. Brady Says:

    Driverless cars will have taken over by then. What’s the point?

  6. Shawn Says:

    So basically everyone paying on it from current taxes won’t have the opportunity to ride it during their working years. What a joke. How many set backs can we expect with this on top of that time frame? (A la birtha). By the time it’s completed, maybe “the big one” will have hit and they can start all over again.

    • Zach Says:

      “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

  7. Zach Says:

    It’s unfortunate we can’t put it together quickly enough, but it needs to happen regardless. We can only hope that a worsened traffic situation might bump up the timeline… or a contagion that kills off a bunch of drivers.


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