Hillary Clinton Coming To Everett Tuesday

March 19, 2016

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Editor’s Update Sunday 7:42 PM: The Clinton Campaign has announced Hillary Clinton will be speaking at the Machinists Hall on Airport Road Tuesday at 12:15PM. She will be talking about the Export-Import bank.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton will be in Everett Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton will be coming to Everett on Tuesday. No word yet on the details but we’ll update this story when we know more. In the meantime we’ve asked for an interview. (figured it was worth a shot)

If you could ask Hillary one question about Everett or our community what would it be? Please be serious and don’t waste with the silly or outrageous. If we get the opportunity what one question should we ask?

Submit yours in the comment section below and again please be respectful.

Leland Dart – Publisher

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30 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Coming To Everett Tuesday”

  1. Anon Says:

    Brussels was attacked today, only four months after the Paris attacks. If you were president today, what would you do in response?

  2. The Big Picture Says:

    Ms. Clinton, do you suffer from any PTSD after landing in Bosnia under sniper fire?

    Ms. Clinton, would you even be making a campaign stop in Everett if it wasn’t home to one your larger foundation contributors?

    Ms. Clinton, are you as amazed as I am that more Americans don’t see right through your corruption?

    Ms. Clinton, how many coincidences are going to occur before the dots get connected?

    Ms. Clinton, if the families of Benghazi are the liars why are you the one denying to take a polygraph test?

    Ms. Clinton, What is the holdup with your wall street transcripts? Are your handlers having trouble getting apple to write a computer program that will allow you to alter the time stamps so you can replace the actual speeches?

    Ms. Clinton, if all sexual assault victims should have their voices heard and stories believed why don’t you believe Bill’s accusers? Is this another glaring example of you believing you are above everyone else?

    Ms. Clinton, care to explain the NSA turning down your request for a blackberry 1 month prior to you setting up your own system to use your blackberry? I am assuming by your actions you believe laws/rules do not apply to you.

    Anyone but Clinton 2016!

  3. donna Says:

    Release your transcripts so we really knowhow you love big banks or, do actually intend to bring the real “super predators to heal”

  4. gregg Says:


  5. Bill Says:

    Hillary, have you seen the new Michael Bay move 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi? If so could you let us know if it was an accurate account and its Oscar potential. Thanks, Bill.

  6. Frances Says:

    I would like to know the one accomplishment politically that you are most proud of? Also, what legacy would you like to leave for your grandchildren?

  7. Bourne Says:

    If Bill Jeff has another Bimbo Erruption, will you denigrate the woma(e)n like you have done in the past?

  8. Bill Blythe Says:

    When will her next tell all novel come out and will Costco be the only vendor???

  9. ErJoh Says:

    What is your plan for the nations war on drugs? Would you consider legalizing and releasing inmates for (if you did it, now legalized) drug offenses?

    I feel Everett’s drug issue is scary at best, something has to be done! Don’t even get me going on the prison population.

    Additional questions might be – What is your stand on our veterans care? Especially female and homeless vets. (Homeless vets – another huge Everett issue)

  10. Kim Says:

    You asked for a question in regard to Everett and I haven’t seen any in the responses. We have a lot of people with mental health issues on the street with no where to go. How would she help solve this problem for Everett and the country?

  11. Anon Says:

    After White Water, your Emails, Benghazi, your husband’s lies, your ties to Wall Street, and the Clinton Foundation, do you think everything is just a conspiracy? Or do you take responsibility for anything?

    • Bill Blythe Says:

      Responsibility is below Killery so roll out the red carpet and bow in her presence!!!

  12. Susan Says:

    What will she do about Social Security and affordable Senior housing?

  13. anon. Says:

    What is your stance on the issues in the middle east?Also how will the United states as a whole plan to fight and also put an end to isis? And I guess finally what if anything should be done with obama care? Will u leave it alone because it works or will you cut itup and throw it away like the loser trump? thanks for your time . Voter……

  14. Bourne Says:

    That’s quite a bold statement however, the editor would like people to offer their questions that she may or may not answer.

  15. Anon Says:

    You could ask her anything and she still wouldn’t answer.

  16. Eleanore Says:

    She is far more presidental than that clown Trump

  17. Bourne Says:

    Can you provide us with one accomplishment you had while SoS?

    • Bill Blythe Says:

      Bestselling novel, mishandling top secret emails leaving employers hung out to die in Benghazi. I could go on for days but what difference does it make anyway???

      • Mark Warren Says:

        Bill Blythe?

        Do you make up stories about all politicians and events? Or do you not know the truth and facts because all you do is listen to fright-wing radio and fox news?
        Because if you had paid attention, just for the littlest amount of time, you would KNOW, that they took Hilary to task for 11 straight hours and couldnt fond one drop of misplaced actions or anything she could have done.
        But dont let facts get in your way, they havent thus far.

      • Mark Warren Says:


        Lets move to your first and apparently most important topic, emails and what to do with them if you hold the same authority as the SOS during bush reign…..

        Now… do you want to talk about proper handling of emails? Do you want to talk to Colin Powell or Condescending Lies about ’email servers’?
        Of course you dont, because you didnt pay attention because your hatred for THIS administration closes your eyes to the atrocities committed by the ones you trust and want back… If you had paid attention and not just sucked off drudge and rush, beck and alex jones…. you would have LEARNED that nothing Clinton did while SOS was wrong or illegal or unauthorized…

        But you dont care about truth, or facts.

      • Jaun Says:

        Mark, Hillary is a corrupt career politician that has done nothing positive for this country. Hillary has been riding in the wake of her scumbags hubby bill. Keep on drinking the Hillary coolaid and don’t let the bigger picture blindside you. You are a qualified Hillary patsy. BTW the 11 hours of questions was for the entertainment of fools such as yourself.

      • Bill Says:

        Her book Hard Choices was dismal at best. Her new novel Nut’n But Lies is going to be a blockbuster fo sho

  18. Eleanore Says:

    Hillary for president!! sanders needs his geritol and hearing aid and needs to go away

  19. Gregg Gilmore Says:

    Bernie Sanders!