Everett Police Investigating Reported Shooting

March 18, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s update Sat 3/19/2016 8:45 AM: Early this morning the man detained by Everett Police was booked into jail for 1st degree assault. He will make his first court appearance Monday. No word on the victim’s injuries.

reported shooting

Everett Medics wait at the 76 station at 36th and Broadway

reported shooting

A person from inside the apartment is checked by an officer.

reported shooting

A second person from the apartment is checked.

reported shooting

Police search a person of interest before transporting him to the police station to talk with detectives.

reported shooting

A K-9 searches behind the apartment for evidence.

As is often the case with a reported shooting in Everett, WA there are more questions than answers surrounding the incident.

That’s the case after Everett Police were called Friday afternoon to an apartment in the alley west of 3512 Broadway near Red Rock Subs.

A man reported to police he’d been shot inside an apartment.

Arriving officers talked to the man who walked to Everett Fire Department medics staging at the Union 76 station at 36th and Broadway.

The medics transported the man to Providence Regional Medical with some type of injury.

Everett Police detained one person and then interviewed two girls who came out of the apartment.

The alley was taped off and a K-9 from Monroe was brought in to search for a weapon.

The person detained was taken to talk with detectives at the Everett Police Department and officers were standing by waiting for a search warrant to check the inside of the apartment to help determine what happened.

Everett Police spokesman Aaron Snell tells MyEverettNews.com it may take a while to gather all of the details.

Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos from the scene.

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