Another Car Vs. Pedestrian Injury Crash In Front Of Everett Wal-Mart

March 14, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s Update, 7:20PM: A little more information from Aaron Snell with Everett Police. An adult female was driving northbound about 4:45 PM when she struck an adult male who was crossing from the east side to the west in the 11400 block of Evergreen Way. The man was not in a crosswalk. The female driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators. The man was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center. Snell says there is no sign of drug or alcohol impairment. No citation is expected. did a non-scientific survey and found the north entrance to Wal-Mart on Evergreen Way is .25 tenths of a mile south of 112th street which has a controlled crosswalk. The intersection of Center Road and Evergreen Way is .45 tenths of a mile south of 112th. There is not a crosswalk at that intersection. Airport Road and Highway 99 which also has a controlled crosswalk is .60 tenths of a mile south of 112th street. There is a 50 MPH speed limit sign northbound on Evergreen Way just north of Center road. There is a 50 MPH speed limit sign southbound on Evergreen Way in front of the Nissan dealership in the 10500 block of Evergreen. There are seven lanes including center turn and shoulders which are used for turning into multiple driveways.

car vs. pedestrian

There was another car-pedestrian crash in this same spot 9 days ago.

It’s been happening a lot lately and right now two lanes of Evergreen Way are closed as Everett Police Traffic Investigators look into a Car V. Pedestrian crash in the 11400 block of Evergreen Way. The crash happened at 4:45PM and a 27 year old man was taken by Everett Medic unit to Providence Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. There are seven lanes of traffic here with the nearest crosswalk two blocks north. We’ll update when we know more.

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19 Responses to “Another Car Vs. Pedestrian Injury Crash In Front Of Everett Wal-Mart”

  1. larry j, beaubien Says:

    Matt; When i see a car stopped for no reason, i stop too just to find out what is going on. Like a kid crossing the road that i can’t see. Or a homeless person with the mind of a kid. That young lady should have stopped and hopefully it’s not her kid the next time.

    • Kaleena Says:

      So you think just because one car stops in the middle of rush hour traffic on a busy road, almost causing an accident that any other car around should completely stop too? I thought she was stopping to turn right into a parking lot, there was no other reason for her to be stopping! There’s NO CROSSWALK there. And thank you but I teach my kids right from wrong, and they know to LOOK BOTH WAYS FOR CARS, and USE CROSSWALKS, like its stated to do in the law. People who break those laws because they are lazy and inconsiderate of anybody else needs to get ticketed or Iive with their mistakes. I stopped when I saw him and by then it was too late. Detectives even knew that because the tire marks and how locked up my brakes were from trying so hard to stop when I did finally see him. I don’t drive that road enough to know that it’s common for people to do as they please and jump out in front of other cars. But thanks for your input, just remember you don’t always know what other people see from their side of the road or their car. Nobody in their right mide intends to hit somebody with their car. Jesus!

      • larry j, beaubien Says:

        Kaleena, There were only 2 cars, the others were way behind nowhere near. The car that stopped was not turning. She seen him and slowed down. You should have questioned why she was slowing down and proceeded with caution and even stopped until you found out. I always do that if I see a car stopping for no reason. I seen the whole thing as we were waiting for both cars to pass as we were waiting to turn left. The other car may have been turning left but she stopped passed the closest driveway so I’m not sure what you mean. And don’t forget, kids get excited and run out for things like balls and you better be prepared to stop for them. I’m sorry you had to go thru this, my wife and I would not make a statement as we would have both testified against you and knew everyone else would be for you and against what appeared to be a homeless man. And again, I always proceed with caution or stop if I see another car stopping for no reason. You were well behind her and had time to stop.

  2. Mike N Says:

    Over the years I’ve seen idiots do this all along Evergreen Way. Even with a crosswalk 50″ from them. It’s a wonder that more of them aren’t killed, and it puts drivers at grave risk, too.

  3. Bourne Says:

    In that area there are many undocumented Democrats that seem not to care about cross traffic when they pop from the shadows. Perhaps one of the numerous social services could educate them on the laws of physics or the law itself for that matter.

  4. Joe Says:

    So many people blame jay walkers yet never had to deal with having to carry twenty pounds of groceries back home.

    Either put more crosswalks in, which by the way is any intersection technically, or build some footbridges.

    When you have to walk a half mile to cross a light to walk half a mile that was 50 feet across the highway, that’s too tempting.

    • larry j beaubien Says:

      It has gotten real bad there because the new pot store has pot heads flying out of there driving more aggressive than the average driver. It has become very difficult to turn left into my condo. I think the state should use some of the pot profit and install a cross walk.

      • joey Says:

        Aggresive pot heads? lmfao wow . I was a bartended and brewer Iin my younger years and I can tell u with100% certainty that alcohol will definetly make you drive aggressively and speed , I had multiple fender benders outside of every bar I worked ,there are three establishments with liquor licenses on the wal mart property alone . So of course blame the pot shop with personal vehicle traffic that must be the problem …no matter that it was a commercial produce wholesaler before now with high volume cdl traffic all day and no one said anything about the 4 people hit in that area last year . Please , if you insist on statements with zero factual basis dont add insult by then ouright lying on top . Do a little research into where the 1502 revenue goes , suprise , wsdot gets a good chunk and who builds our road infrastructure why wsdot . Im gonna smoke a bowl now so I can go do some aggresive merging…………..lolololololoolololoololo

    • Diogenes Says:

      When my youngest was a toddler my car died, and for over a year I carried groceries while holding a toddler. The worst bus trip was to the library where I’m pretty sure we had to walk 1/2 mile from the stop on one side of the road to the light and then back to the library on the other side, but we walked it. If you are a bus traveler you need to get used to carrying things and walking; It’s motivation to get a car (or get to a position where you can afford one.)

  5. Eleanore Says:

    they are all over Broadway from Safeway to QFC I dodge them daily and I lean on my horn

  6. Robert Says:

    Almost watched a guy get hit on Broadway earlier today jaywalking. Cars had to swerve and honk to miss him as he non-chalantly crossed the road. We need law enforcement to ticket these losers before there head through my windshield makes me late to something.

  7. Jayson Says:

    Now he can get the pain pills he was probably out there hustling for

  8. Jo Says:

    I was a group of kids waiting to cross a bit south of the light around 2. Stupid stupid people. I still don’t see cops cracking down on jaywalkers. Are they just waiting for them all to be killed and that will make the problem go away?

  9. mike Says:

    Maybe it is time to invest in a few pedestrian overpasses since there are so many of these incidents. I am not going to start pointing fingers and name calling since I would not want this for me or mine. It is tragic in so many ways and for so many people and it is unlikely to change any time soon. Be safe, be smart and watch out for the other guy.

  10. Eleanore Says:

    2 blocks…thats all the farther he had to walk but chose instead to wander out into traffic

  11. Eleanore Says:

    another jaywalker too lazy to go to the marked crosswalk …7 lanes of traffic what a fool!

    • larry j beaubien Says:

      I was a witness. I was waiting for the car that hit him to pass so i could turn left so i had a good view. The guy walked right out into 2 on coming cars. The first car stopped and the girl in the next lane did not so she hit him. I think if one car could stop then both cars could and she should have gotten a ticket. Kids run out into traffic all the time and we all have to at least try to stop.

      • Matt Says:

        That’s not always possible. If a jaywalker decided to walk into traffic maybe one car can see him in the right lane, but the left lane driver might not be able to since the first car is blocking their view. I’ve almost hit at least two people because of this. They need to stop jaywalking and we need more pedestrian overpasses. Walmart should be paying for one in that spot. Of course people will still be idiots, I’ve almost hit jaywalkers in Seattle who ignored the pedestrian overpass right above them and tried to dart through

      • Kaleena Says:

        Are you stupid?! Do you think I WANTED to hit somebody with my car?! And be left with no car completely because he ruined my whinsheild… Not to mention having to miss work and almost lose my job due to the fact that I have injuries from the wreck and no car to get there as well?! The other car stopped and I couldn’t see from my angle as to why she stopped, and I did stop as soon as I saw the guy which was too late at that point. You might want to get your facts straight before you pipe in about what you think you know. How would you know wether I saw him or not?! Do you honestly think I, a single mother could afford to hit someone and me be left in the dust for THEIR dumb mistake… Maybe he should have used the cross walk, like the LAW states he should have done. If I ever want to see a dime that I’m having to pay for my car to get fixed I have to take that guy to court which is more than likely a waste of my time so he gets out of it with no debt no issues, sure he’s hurt but he made that decision not me! You are totally arrogant for thinking someone would ever purposely hit somebody with their car especially someone like me, who you don’t even know a thing about, who works hard for everything I own and takes care of two kids one of which is still just 2 years old and I have bills I have to pay and now this debt to deal with. If the DETECTIVES thought I was in the wrong, I would have got a ticket but I was not at fault for him bulting across highway 99 during traffic hour. Of course you could see the guy from your angle, me… All I saw was a car slowing down and that was because she had no choice to she herself left statements with the police as well stating that she almost hit him and there was no way I could have see him from where my car was he was in front of her car and didn’t even think twice about stopping to pop his head over and see if I was coming or not. Your dumb.