Suspicious Device Sends Bomb Squad To Everett

March 9, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

suspicious device

Everett Police say the device was made to look like an IED.

Editor’s Update Thursday 3/10/2016, 1:30 PM:
Everett Police spokesman Aaron Snell released the following update about the suspicious device…

The Interagency Bomb Team is investigating an object designed and staged to look like an Improvised Explosive Device at a bus stop. At 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, an Everett Clinic employee called 911 to report a
suspicious item attached to the bus stop structure in the 3900 block of Rucker Ave. Arriving officers observed the item, confirmed it was suspicious and called the Interagency Bomb Team to investigate.

Bomb technicians used a robot to inspect the cylindrically shaped object, housed in plastic with wires sticking out, which looked like an improvised explosive device. After the robot removed the object from the bus stop structure, technicians inspected and determined it was fake. Bomb Technician Mike Atwood of the Everett Police Department says, “Someone put effort into making the object look like a real explosive device. The initial report by the Everett Clinic and response by officers allowed us to keep the public safe.” Bomb technicians impounded the device and will examine it to continue their investigation.

suspicious device

Police began shutting down Rucker at 3:00PM.

suspicious device

The device was taped to the bus stop in front of Everett Clinic

Suspicious device

A closer look

suspicious device

The bomb squad arrives.

suspicious device

A robot is sent in to take photos.

suspicious device

The robot gets a NASCAR like pit stop for equipment changes.

suspicious device

The robot removes the device from the pole.

suspicious device

The robot moves the device to the middle of Rucker.

suspicious device

The robot then returns to the bomb squad’s truck.

suspicious device

A tech in a full bomb suit carries out what appears to be x-ray equipment.

suspicious device

An x-ray is taken

suspicious device

A device, a robot and a technician in the middle of Rucker during the 5:00PM rush hour.

suspicious device

The bomb tech collects the device.

suspicious device

The device is carefully packaged.

suspicious device

The interagency bomb squad finishes up.

suspicious device

The last thing left on Rucker is the robot which is quickly put away so the road can be reopened.

A suspicious device taped to a pole on the bus stop in front of the Everett Clinic brought a full response from the Snohomish County interagency bomb squad Wednesday.

It also caused a three hour disruption to the afternoon commute. Here’s what has learned about the incident.

At 3:00 PM a security guard from the Everett Clinic reported finding a device taped to the bus stop in front of the clinic in the 3900 block of Rucker.

Everett Police arrived and quickly determined the device was suspicious and called out the bomb squad. Rucker was closed in both directions between 37th street and 41st street.

Members of the bomb squad included the Washington State Patrol, Everett Police and Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office. The FBI also responded to the scene.

The squad first used a robot to photograph the device, then after the photos were analyzed the robot went back and removed the device and placed it in the middle of Rucker.

A member of the bomb squad in full protective gear then came out with what appeared to be an x-ray machine.

After taking x-rays the tech went back to the bomb truck.

A short while later the tech reappeared with a large bag and picked up the device, put it into the bag and returned to the bomb truck.

The entire operation took about three and a half hours.

Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell tells the device will be examined but at this time he had no specific information about it, why someone taped it to the bus stop or if there were any threats associated with the incident.

Detectives were examining the area, taking fingerprints and Snell says the investigation will continue.

Here are some photos taken from the scene starting with the arrival of the bomb squad, going through the examination of the device to the final scene of the robot heading back home.

Click photo to enlarge.

Sorry, due to the distance and lighting the photos are a bit grainy.

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