Everett Considers Getting Out of Golf

February 19, 2016

Everett, Everett Government


The future of Everett’s two city-owned golf courses is hanging on the edge.

The City of Everett owns two golf courses. Walter Hall in the south end of the city and Legion Memorial in the north end.

During a briefing session on Wednesday night the Everett City Council heard some bleak predictions for the future of golf in Everett.

A presentation from a Parks Department staffer included the prediction that the City of Everett expects to lose more than $2.50 a round for every round played at its two golf courses this year.

A more than $300,000.00 loss for 2016.

Due to the amount of debt service at Legion Memorial, Walter Hall is the more profitable of the two courses but total golf losses over five years could range from $586,000.00 to more than two million dollars.

“We may have to shorten some of the courses,” said Mayor Ray Stephanson. “Sell some real estate to pay off debt.”

While the demand for golf is down and there is a surplus of courses for people to play, Everett City Council member Jeff Moore noted the City of Everett is out of space for Lacrosse and Soccer fields, which he said have high demand.

There is the possibility Everett could re-purpose land at one or more courses to make room for new fields.

The Everett Parks Department will be studying the future of golf in Everett and expects to get back to the city council later this year.

In addition to golf the Parks department is also studying its long term future (2016 – 2035) and is inviting people to a workshop on February 23rd as they discuss future steps and public involvement in park planning.

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