Both Sides Shout At PUD Commission Meeting

February 16, 2016

Everett, Everett Government


As they came into the PUD building people filled out cards so their names could be called to speak.


Some pointed fingers…


This woman was cheered when she called for an audit of the PUD’s entire billing system.


At one point Commission President Toni Olson (far left) began raising her voice to the crowd.


This woman is disabled and on a fixed income. Her bill has doubled.


After she spoke at the meeting this woman met with customer service reps.

The special night meeting called by the Snohomish County PUD Commissioners was only about 2 minutes old when members of the audience began shouting LIAR! BOO! THAT’S NOT TRUE! to statements made by PUD assistant general manager Jim West regarding claims of a much colder winter this year and more guests during the holidays as reasons PUD customers have seen their bills go up compared to last year.

As West tried to bring the meeting under control one woman shouted, “With all due respect sir, you are insulting our intelligence.” With that the crowd roared.

West continued to try and get his points across that a change in software to allow more services to be provided along with a move to monthly billing were behind the larger bills and that to hire more meter readers or develop custom software would be too costly to PUD customers.

That didn’t sit well with the 200 plus people in the audience who continued to interrupt each other and the commissioners which led to board chair Toni Olson raising her voice at the crowd.

After a while order was restored and people who filled out speaker cards were called to the microphone one by one.

Some were calm, some were upset but almost all wanted to know how the PUD could justify estimating bills and how as long term customers their rates or kilowatt usage took a jump while neither their consumption patterns or the weather underwent a major change.

One man says bills are up 18-35% in his neighborhood. Another said his meter was not working for 2 months but still got a $400 bill.

The commissioners continued to urge people to meet with customer service representatives who were stationed in a room across the hall from the auditorium. They also promised to keep an open mind as they determined if they needed to review the software used in estimating and billing calculation.

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9 Responses to “Both Sides Shout At PUD Commission Meeting”

  1. Lynn Claughton Says:

    Much of what appears here is true. In addition let me point out some other very disturbing news….SNOPUD under the direction of Steve Klein and new PUD Manager Craig Collar, blue many millions of rate payers money trying to compete with multi million dollar corporations on the development of under water power power generation and have NOTHING to show for it except taking rate payers money.

    Now we have the failed ENERGY STORAGE PROJECT where 25 million dollars of your rate payer money was paid out to former manager Steve Klein’s friend, MR KAPLAN in NO bid contracts. NO bid Contract #64081 for $800,000.00 was the subject of a complaint by a PUD whistleblower who testified ..THE PUD NEVER RECEIVED ANY DELIVER BACK FOR THE $800,000.00 paid out on that contract. I have more to say on this topic that is much more disturbing that shows the criminal side of your PUD Commissioners.

  2. Tamie Says:

    ‘Colder’ winter…when I called PUD they couldn’t explain why my bill has almost tripled and I have all gas appliances and heat! I also have 2 less adults living in my home than I did all winter last year. I am getting the same runaround as everyone else. My bill has gone from $75 for two months to $175 for one!

  3. A Says:

    Sitting with a winter power bill of 900$ this year. Last year it was $500. How can the idiot claim colder weather?? Is he living n Washington with us? The weather is not colder and spring is near, unlike last year. Payment plans, nope they don’t do those either. Not many folks can afford $900 for a damn power bill. $500 was the budget since last year was the case. We had to not pay the water bill (sorry utility services) and garbage (sorry reuniting) and no new groceries this werk, just to pay PUD or my power would be shut off. I should eat every meal in the PUD cafe, sandwiches and water. Frickin greedy slim balls

  4. Dawn Says:

    Can’t wait until the Bernie Sanders crew shows up, and makes this a 17000 times worse! You think things are bad now? Just wait till social is hits the United States. We will be screwed

  5. Bourne Says:

    PUD should just admit they are paying more for BPA power because of green regulations. You can thank the evirotards for your higher rates.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Was the mayor in attendance? FYI, look into the big money salaries these managers/commissioners haul in. Getting rich off a public utility should be concerning IMO.