Everett Police Bust “Beardo” The Bank Robber

February 12, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter


This is the picture of the suspect called “Beardo”from June 1st.

Beardo 4

Another look from a robbery on June 15th.

“Beardo” is behind bars. Today Everett Police announced they have arrested a man the FBI dubbed “Beardo” due to his disguise that included an obviously false beard and tape over his nose. He’s believed to be responsible for a string of bank robberies in the Everett area dating back to June 1st of last year. “Beardo” often hit the same bank more than once. Here’s the official word from Everett Police…

The Everett Police Department believes the bank robber nicknamed “Beardo” is in custody. Shortly after 11 am this morning, February 12, Everett Police Department detectives arrested Christian N. Franzwa, 57, in Everett, Washington. The Everett Police Department and Seattle Safe Streets Task Force believe Franzwa may be identifiable as the bank robber who has allegedly committed at least seven bank robberies in Washington State.

The subject is wanted for his alleged involvement in at least seven bank robberies:
• Monday, June 1 – Columbia Bank on Evergreen Way, Everett WA
• Monday, June 15 – Columbia Bank on Evergreen Way, Everett WA
• Thursday, July 23 – Banner Bank on 4th Ave W, Everett WA
• Wednesday, September 2 – Washington Federal Savings on 19th Ave SE, Everett WA
• Friday, September 11 – Columbia Bank on Evergreen Way, Everett WA
• Friday, October 30 – Bank of Washington on SE Everett Mall Way, Everett WA
• Wednesday, December 23, 2015 – Opus Bank on 19th Ave SE, Everett, WA

Investigators developed information to suggest that Franzwa may be identifiable as the “Beardo” bank robber. Since that point, Everett Police has been conducting surveillance on Franzwa, and arrested him from his vehicle near the intersection of 128th St. and 4th Ave. W. The “Beardo” robber is known for wearing a fake beard and other articles to mask his appearance. When Franzwa was arrested he was wearing items similar to this. Detectives who were monitoring Franzwa know that he was in this same area on Wednesday, February 10th. The Banner Bank on 4th Ave. W was a previous target of the “Beardo” robber. Everett Police arrested and booked Franzwa for seven counts of Robbery in the 1st Degree.

Franzwa is an Everett resident.

This capture reflects partnerships across the northwest. This investigation was conducted jointly by the Everett Police Department and the FBI Safe Streets Task Force.

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