Boeing and Everett Fire Free Crash Victim

February 6, 2016

Everett, Everett Fire, Police Blotter

Boeing and Everett

Fire Crews decide the best way to access the driver inside.

Boeing Fire

Crews begin cutting the roof.

Boeing Fire

A Boeing Firefighter is inside the van shielding the driver as the hole is made in the roof.

Boeing Fire

The driver is carefully removed and taken to Boeing Aid 30.

Boeing Fire

A look at the Toyota after the driver was freed.

Boeing Fire

A look at the other vehicle involved.

Boeing and Everett Fire Departments worked together this morning to free a crash victim in a roll-over at 75th and Seaway.

Boeing Aid and Special Operations crews along with Engine 4 from Everett Fire used a variety of power tools to cut open the roof of a Toyota SUV that was on its side after colliding with a Subaru.

A Boeing medic-firefighter was able to crawl into the SUV and keep the driver stable and safe while power tools were cutting away the roof.

Once the victim was freed she was taken to an aid car for transport to the hospital.

Everett Police are investigating the cause of the crash.

The driver of the Subaru was not injured. Here are some photos of the rescue.

Click photo to enlarge.

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5 Responses to “Boeing and Everett Fire Free Crash Victim”

  1. A Says:

    I purposely go 40. All the Boeing workers flying from the Boeing parking lots all In a hurry, just to come to a complete stop in a 100yards. I can tell you this, if I get hit by one of these dumb Boeing works, I’ll be sure the fu@ktard won’t be walking away from the accident. I’ll pull the bastard out of the wreckage myself and finish em off myself. Or I’ll just start slashing tires when you all are slaving away inside.

  2. Bourne Says:

    Late running Boeing people would have Mad Max pull off to the side of the road. They’re a menace.

  3. Anon Says:

    This is a 40mph zone. How is a rollover even possible? A lot of times I see Everett PD telling us they’ll be watching this zone for speeders. Maybe they need someone there 24/7.

    • hello Says:

      As a Boeing employee who drives this road, I can say that no one follows the speed limit. Everyone treats Seaway as an extension of Hwy 526. If you are not doing 70+, you have someone on your ass. I have complained about this to both Boeing AND Everett PD, but nothing is done. Maybe this will cause more police to give out speeding tickets.