Everett Pot Store Ban Fails

February 3, 2016

Everett, Everett Government

Council pot store ban

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson on the far left and the 2016 Everett City Council. Click photo to enlarge.

Tonight the Everett City Council didn’t get a super-majority so a proposed moratorium on new recreational pot stores has failed. After hearing from a 3 in favor, 3 against split during the open public hearing the council itself split on if there was an emergency that required a one year pot store ban within the city limits.

The issue came to light after the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board allotted five more stores within the Everett City limits. Everett currently has four stores operating with a fifth about to come online. The State is phasing out medical marijuana stores and allowing only state certified recreational marijuana stores. The stores, both existing and new will be able to sell both recreational and medical blends of marijuana and marijuana products.

Council member Scott Bader brought up the idea of a ban and one of his arguments tonight was that he didn’t want more recreational pot stores in Everett than there were McDondald’s.

Council member Paul Roberts told the council he did not think there was an emergency and it would be an undue burden on the city’s planning department.

Council member Cassie Franklin said it was an emergency and expressed concern on the effect of marijuana in the physical development of young people.

Council member Brenda Stonecipher says she’s heard of no problems with the current stores.

Council member Jeff Moore said there are a lot of things to consider. He felt it is an emergency and that the city has a duty to look.

Council President Scott Murphy worried about unintended consequences. Wants the time for information gathering.

Council member Judy Tuohy remarked that it isn’t the city council’s job to regulate the marketplace.

Because it was an emergency ordinance that would go into effect immediately, the measure required a super-majority of 5 – 2. In the end Council members Moore, Franklin, Bader and Murphy voted for the moratorium and Stonecipher, Roberts and Tuohy voted against so the measure did not pass.

Still, Everett may not see another five stores as current zoning laws limit the number of available areas where recreational pot stores can locate.


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