South Everett Apartment Fire Displaces Woman

February 1, 2016

Everett, Everett Fire

apartment fire

Firefighters work inside the apartment.

apartment fire

A firefighter moves items outside to get them out of the smoke.

apartment fire

Some fire made its way up a vent to the roof.

apartment fire

Crews take care of the hot spot on the roof.

apartment fire

A pair of Everett firefighters come out of the attic access.

A south Everett apartment fire displaced a woman and took the life of her cat Monday night.

Everett Fire units were called to the Trailside Apartments off Bruskrud Road shortly after 6:30 PM.

The fire was reported to be in the kitchen of a ground floor apartment and the resident was out safely.

Engine 7 was the first Everett Fire Truck to arrive and crews were able to get a good knockdown. In addition to Everett Fire, District 1 provided mutual aid.

The fire did spread up a vent and got into the roof of the building but crews were able to open the roof and also hit it from the attic access to quickly contain it to a very small area.

The woman who lived in the apartment will be staying with friends tonight.

An Everett Fire Investigator is working to determine the cause and a damage amount. No other residents were displaced.

Here are some photos from the scene taken by

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7 Responses to “South Everett Apartment Fire Displaces Woman”

  1. Eleanore Says:

    Whats causing all these apt/house fires? We’re never told HOW the fire started just that it started…are all these people leaving candles unattended? Kitchen fires? what?

    • hello Says:

      Crack pipe left unattended

    • Philip Craig Says:

      These apartments are old and rotting from the inside out. The bluffs and most of the apartment complexes on casino road were built in the 70s to early 80s with very relaxed to non existent fire codes and were built on very low budgets. They were built as supposed “luxury apartments”and have been low income housing for the most part of the last 2 decades. They aren’t even properly maintained. Taking all these things into account, they are wildfires just waiting to happen. The ones behind the mall (commonly known as “The Jungle” practically since they were built) were built as low income housing that also is not properly maintained and another wildfire waiting to happen. Look at the group of apartments and condos on 128th formerly known as “Shenandoah Ranch” at 8th ave that includes the Bunkhouse condos (which is the only one to have kept its’ original name). When I lived in the complex at the top of the hill (formerly known as “The Settlement”), they were very well maintained and to my knowledge, still are today. In my opinion, the complexes on casino rd and several surrounding complexes in the area that were not maintained the way they should have been should be condemned and demolished in a timely fashion so as to give everyone a chance to find other dwellings. If something isn’t done, these fires WILL continue to happen. How many more people have to be hurt or die to figure this out.

    • Philip Craig Says:

      please see my response.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good job fire department, now prepare for funding cuts.