More Than 2 Dozen Everett Apartment Buildings May Need Fire Alarms

Bluffs Apartments Should Have Had Manual Fire Alarms

fatal fire

Photo taken January 1, 2016

As a result of an inspection of the Bluffs Apartments after a fatal three-alarm fire New Year’s Eve, the City of Everett may send letters to more than two dozen apartment owners ordering the installation of manual fire alarms.

Last week Everett Fire Marshal Rick Robinson sent the following letter to the owners of the Bluffs Apartments on Casino Road giving them 90 days to get permits to install manual fire alarms in all of their buildings.

Everett Fire Department letter to Bluffs Apartment owners…

While the apartments at 2 West Casino road were built before there was a requirement to have sprinkler systems, a revision in the Fire code in 2007 mandated apartments must have manual alarms installed in buildings more than three stories tall or with more than 16 dwelling or sleeping units.

Meghan Pembroke, public information director for the City of Everett tells MyEverettNews.coms that while the Bluffs Apartments have been inspected at least three times since the Fire Code was revised in 2007, those are basic safety inspections conducted by Everett Fire crews looking for things like up to date fire extinguishers, working fire doors and emergency exits that are not blocked. Those inspections don’t typically cover alarm or sprinkler systems.
“Ultimately it’s up to the property owners to make sure they are up to date with the requirements,” said Pembroke.

Pembroke says a preliminary check of city records shows there may be as many as 26 properties across the city of Everett that would have to install the alarms. The exact number won’t be known until fire inspectors from the Everett Fire Department visit each property and conduct a full inspection. Any property owners would get the same letter and have 90 days to apply for permits and six months to install the manual alarms.


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