Everett Sub Shop Marks 30 Years

January 19, 2016

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On 19th street just west of Broadway. Open Monday – Saturday 11a – 7p. Cash only.

Sub Shop #26 has been open 30 years and 5 months. “It’s the longest running sub shop in Everett,” said owner Wai Eng. “Everybody knows me.”

Located at 2017 19th street, just west of Broadway, its been a go-to shop for a couple of generations of sandwich lovers in north Everett. Very clean, with hundreds of business cards of customers spread over bulletin boards along one wall, the Sub Shop has faced a lot of competition from big chain stores coming into Everett. Mr. Eng admits being a stand alone shop is not easy and at times lately its been tough but he has no plans to slow down.

Sub Shop

Wai Eng is friendly, funny and makes each sub fresh right in front of you.

“I only use fresh sliced meats and cheeses,” said Eng. “It’s all fresh every day.” There’s another secret at work here, “Be nice to people,” Mr Eng told MyEverettNews.com.

Wai Eng comes to Everett by way of Chicago and prior to that China. “I still have my house in China but I’m guessing the roof isn’t good after 41 years away,” he laughs. “America is great for building planes, cars and things but no one makes food like a person from China.”

Eng knows most of his customers and starts their order as soon as they walk in the door. 90 percent of his customers he says are return visitors. He cites one Everett Firefighter who has come in every Monday afternoon for 25 years.

A woman who was picking up sandwiches for herself and her husband told MyEverettNews.com she’s been coming to the shop for more than ten years because of how fresh and full the sandwiches are and friendly Mr. Eng has always been.

The favorite sandwich is called the Full Boat. It’s made with 7 types of meat and two types of cheese. A full-size is just $7.95. There’s also a wide selection of soda, lots of different chips and Eng also sells a unique variety of Chinese cookies that are hard to find anywhere else in Everett.

MyEverettNews.com often writes about the newest restaurants that come to town but recently we were reminded to let people know about Mr. Eng and Sub Shop #26. 30 years and five months in Everett. I’m a life-long resident and I’m embarrassed to say it was my first time in the shop. It won’t be my last.

They are open Monday – Saturday from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Cash only, no debit or credit cards. 2017 19th street just west of Broadway. Stop in, enjoy a fresh sandwich and have a chat with Wai Eng. You’ll be glad you did.

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11 Responses to “Everett Sub Shop Marks 30 Years”

  1. B Says:

    Our family has been going there for years. The owner is ALWAYS friendly and welcoming! It doesn’t matter if I’m dirty from weeding in the garden and running for quick subs to eat outside on a sunny summer day or dressed up a bit from shopping and stop for “quick dinner” for the family in the winter, I’m always greeted with a smile and welcome at this shop…and a couple of cookies while I wait for him to make my subs fresh.
    When my girls were younger, they loved hearing about the owner’s first month or two in this country. His experiences helped my children learn about other cultures and to appreciate the volume of food they had access to just by being born in this country. And now that my daughters are grown and live out of state with their families, whenever they visit one of the first things on their “must do” list is to “go to that nice sub shop with the nice man who has those puzzle games” (he has wooden/metal brain teaser puzzles, etc. to entertain kids and adults while he makes sub).
    Love this place…may have subs for dinner tonight!

  2. Sandi Says:

    Mr. Eng is a wonderful man, who feed my boys for many years. My son that lives locally still enjoys his subs, and nobody makes a sub like Mr. Eng. My other son lives in California, and whenever he is in town, he makes sure to stop and get a sandwich. I believe we have been going there for the better part of the 30 years the Sub Shop #26 has been opened.

  3. andrea Says:

    I have been going to this sub shop for almost 20 years now, since I was in high school. I’ve seen businesses come and go in that same little corner, I even worked at a coffee shop that was two doors down. Wai has always been friendly and remembers people and their orders. When I walk in, first thing he says “Turkey, no onion!” He slices the meat and cheese right in front of you, and he often gives me free samples of Chinese cookies when I eat there. He always asks how my family is and he is just all around a great person! I will continue to go to this sub shop for life.

  4. Amber Says:

    This place does have great fresh food for a great price! And the service is great and friendly. I am by no means a regular. My friend and I walked in, starving,and tired after a long,busy day, probably looked horrible, and the man that served us was so kind to us! Not judgmental at all. Awesome place I’d totally recommend!!

  5. Julie Says:

    We have gone to Wai’s sandwich shop for over 30 yrs. He is the sweetest man. His sandwiches are fresh and made right in front of you. He always asks “how’s your momma”? He made a 6ft sandwich for my dad’s celebration of life. Wai has put his two sons through college and is a very hard working man. I would hope that everyone would continue to support local business and such an amazing man.

  6. Anon Says:

    Jimmy John’s is opening down the street on Broadway so he might have some new competition.

  7. Janet Gillespie-Bayyuk Says:

    I have been looking for a favorite Sub Sandwich and have been living in Everett for years and never heard of this place!! I will have to give this place a whirl!! Thanks for the article!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Beats Slumway everyday!

  9. Eleanore Says:

    I’ve been living here my whole life and drive by it all the time on my way to Safeway… I was in there once back in the 80s I will have to go back now

  10. laura Says:

    I’m so glad you wrote about this place! I’ve been wondering about it for years. I’ll definitely check it out now!


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