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January 18, 2016


A note from Leland Dart, Publisher…

Our top story from 2015 was the fatal fire at the Bluffs Apartments.

I began in January of 2011. At the time I saw a niche for reporting breaking news and events here in my hometown of Everett, Washington. It’s something I developed a passion for since working for Shirley Bartholomew at KRKO radio in the 1970s and watching Jim Leo race through the streets of Everett in his news car shooting amazing photos for The Herald.

As I begin the sixth year of I want to thank all of the people who have found something of value in this effort. From those of you who send tips on breaking news to the people who make financial contributions to keep the effort going. To our advertisers who want to reach people interested in Everett but who also see the value in local independent news gathering and lend their financial support. Thank you.

To the families who have left comments on loved ones they have lost and the pain they have suffered. Thanks. You are not alone. To people who appreciate the coverage of local city council decisions and the way they can directly impact the everyday life of people living and working in Everett. I’m glad we can bring that to you. is something that I’ll never get rich doing but doing what I love certainly makes me a rich man.

Thank you for five years of support and interest and here’s to many, many more.

Leland Dart

So just what is is a daily hyper-local website that serves Everett, WA. Our focus is on breaking news. We closely follow the Everett Police and Everett Fire Departments. We also monitor any Everett City Council decisions that may affect a majority of folks living or working in Everett. We are a quick read on phones, tables or desk and laptop computers. We provide timely photos and links to additional information inside our stories whenever we can.

Who reads

We’ve provided the latest statistics from Google Analytics for 2015.

55% of our readers are female and 45% male.

64% of our readers are between 25 – 54 years old.

34% have IP addresses in Everett, 21% Seattle with the rest spread out in the Northwest and around the country.

52% our of users are return visitors.

In 2015 we had more than 1 million page views with 361,113 unique users and 700,176 sessions.

Below are twelve photos from 2015 that reflect some of our coverage over the last year. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Jan 2012

From January 2015 a car rolls over on top of a motorcycle at the 112th street Park and Ride.


Problems in the neighborhood surrounding the Everett Gospel Mission were a big story in February of 2015.


March 2015 saw an increase in gang shooting activity in the south end of Everett.

truck rescue

In April 2015 a man and woman sleeping in a cardboard recycling bin ended up in the back of a compactor truck.

A man armed with a knife smashed through the front doors of the courthouse in downtown Everett and then wandered the streets of town in May of 2015.


In June 2015 three people were shot outside the Taco Bell on Evergreen Way.

brush fires

July 2015 brought brush fires into the city limits. This one in the Valley View-Eastmont neighborhood.

Clark Park

During an evening in August 2015 a group of moms brought a group of bikers to take back Clark Park.

WSU in Everett

September 2015 brought the groundbreaking of the first building for WSU North Puget Sound at Everett.

downtown Everett

In October 2015, downtown Everett shows change with Potala Place, Aero Apartments and a new Marriott Hotel.

tree in house

Trees went through roofs and many parts of Everett were without power for 24 hours in November of 2015


In December 2015 the bridge on Broadway over the railroad tracks reopened through the heart of Everett.

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