Everett Police To Hire 25 Officers This Year

January 13, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Everett police

The City of Everett wants to swear in at least another 25 new Everett Police officers this year.

Tonight Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman gave an update on police department staffing to the Public Safety Committee of the Everett City Council. Templeman told the committee that last year the department hired 22 officers. This year the goal is at least 25.

Right now, there are six officers in field training, three just graduated from the police academy and will be sworn into service next week and seven are currently in the police academy. One experienced officer has come in on a lateral transfer.

That still leaves 24 vacancies for the department to get to its allotted staffing levels. Templeman says for every 100 that sign up to take the written test, 20 percent fail to appear. Of those remaining who pass the written test, 1 in 15 will make it through the rest of the process to become an Everett Police Officer. “We’re not going to lower our standards.” Templeman told MyEverettNews.com.

The next testing session for entry-level candidates for Everett Police is the 20th of this month. You can click here to find out more information on how to apply.

Templeman also updated the committee on the efforts of the newest unit of the Everett Police Department. It’s called the Community Outreach Enforcement Team.

At full staffing it will be made up of 4 police officers, 1 sergeant, 2 social workers and a prosecutor. The chief says he hopes to have the unit fully staffed this summer and its job will be a combination of outreach and enforcement of street crime violations including trespassing, drug use and dealing, illegal camping and aggressive panhandling.

“Right now the majority of people we contact refuse our help,” Templeman said. “When we do find someone willing to accept our services we’re aggressive in getting them the help they need.”

Right now the anti-crime team and bicycle patrol units have teamed up under two sergeants to work on street enforcement issues. Templeman hopes to have them go back to their regular duties once more officers have completed training and are on the streets.

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