19-Year-Old Mom, 42-Year-Old Fiance Held on $500K Bail in Death of 3-Month-Old

January 4, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Today Everett Court District Judge Anthony Howard ruled there was probable cause to hold 19-year-old Jerrica Schreib and 42-year-old Donald Coons on half-a million dollars bail each for Criminal Mistreatment in the first degree of a child.

death of baby

Jerrica D. Schreib at her probable cause hearing on January 4, 2016

baby death

Donald K. Coons at his probable cause hearing on January 4, 2016.

According to probable cause for arrest paperwork filed by Everett Police, At 5:46 AM on December 18, 2015 a 9-1-1 call was made for the fire department to check on an unresponsive 3-month-old baby at a room in the Far West Motel on Evergreen Way in Everett. Upon their arrival firefighters called Everett Police.

According to the probable cause paperwork filed by police the baby was taken first to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett and then airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Seattle when the baby was later pronounced deceased.

In court papers the 3-month-old baby was identified as MMS and reportedly had a suspicious, severe spiral fracture to the arm, rib fractures that varied from new to old, a large gaping gash to the chin, a laceration to her liver, pneumonia and meningitis.

baby death

Everett Police searched this room at the Far West Motel on December 18th, 2015.

The probable cause paperwork says the fractured arm happened weeks prior to moving into the Far West Motel in Everett. Police were told during two days at the motel the baby’s condition degraded to the point of her having difficulty breathing, not being able to move her head and refusing food. The couple reportedly argued over calling 9-1-1 until other children staying with the couple told them the baby might die.

It was also written by Everett Police in the paperwork that the Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Team reported that there was no way the baby had been seen by any Doctor anywhere because they would have immediately called the police. They also stated reference her arm fracture, that the baby “Would be inconsolable every time you changed her, fed her, and dressed her. This baby was tortured; there is no way anyone didn’t know what was going on with this baby”. They also stated the laceration under her chin could not have originated as a milk rash.

You can read the entire Probable Cause document by clicking the link below. Please note it contains material that may be disturbing to the reader.

Criminal Mistreatment PC

Everett Police worked on their interviews and investigation before arresting the couple on New Year’s Day. The Prosecutor has until the end of the week to file charges or release the couple.

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28 Responses to “19-Year-Old Mom, 42-Year-Old Fiance Held on $500K Bail in Death of 3-Month-Old”

  1. Yiana Bernal Says:

    Well well well Mr.Coons I’m Madilynns grandmother Exaviers mom and let me tell you something you sorry piece of shit I’m sure you think you have been an upstanding father but these poor girls you messed up are not going to lie your sick filming them you need to be taken care of and done like my baby girl you and Jerrica have no right to even speak to other human beings about anything you both are not human your godless evil heartless demons and you using Jerrica like a piece of meat she is old enough to be your kid that itself speaks volume preying on young helpless girls for all we know you did more than shoot them with bbs you sick fuck you deserve to rot in hell and Jerrica with you. all that crap she said about my son just to what??? Make her self look good she is a helpless soul you took Madi from Exavier and the rest of us you ruined him and Emma forever you will be haunted by this the rest of your life

  2. donald Says:

    Cristie who in the fuck are trying to imp ress with that bull shit less than a year ago u were diong herion with my brother and smoking meth with the best of them . And you never came aroundto rase ither of your own sons becaus u chose to drink remaining homeless and doing what ever druge you can get your hands on to avoid being a mother to my brother and let him down time and again . You need to check you and who the hell you are before you go saying some fucking bull shit like that about me u have known m me for over an 20years seen my kids grow up and how wonde and seen my 5kids grow up in my care and with me aand turn out so great yet u wanna call me names and act like the idiots in the paper and all the other absolute dumbest people on the planet oh and by the way I was realestted withou any charges being filed not a single one so fuck all you

  3. J Says:

    I actually knew Jerrica personally and dated her for a time(but this was 4 years ago). She was a good person before her drug abuse began and I never thought that this could’ve happened. But the other fact that it seems NOBODY knows is that this was her second child, the first of which was taken away by the state. Why the STATE would allow her to keep her second child, especially after her first was taken away because she was an unfit mother, is beyond me. Drugs are a problem and I agree that the government needs to focus more on treatment of mental health (the real cause of murder, rape, and most other horrific crimes, NOT GUNS OBAMA!) and drug abuse, it still doesn’t excuse her and her boyfriend who is more than twice her age and has kids practically the same age of murder.

  4. Judy Says:

    What happened to her baby Emma, who was born in 2012?

    • Christie M Henry Says:

      Drugs an alcohol is a proven disease medically. The blow shards saying it’s a choice proves their ignorance. However no drug or alcohol made me torture or abuse any infant, child, or little ones. And your right, the dysfunction started before the addiction. Donald was raised by an addict mom so life was messed up and very inconsistent. But as you get older, you fix all that dysfunction threw counseling and therapy and whatever it takes to undo the damage. That way you don’t pass that behavior onto your CHILDREN!!! Bellow!!! Anyway I don’t believe Don TORTURED any baby nor do I believe he Fed it Meth. However neglect and ignoring this infant’s needs to go to the doctors is evident! The broken bones is evident. I think he got scared and new that they fckd up royally and tried to hide an fix the baby themselves.Unfortunately it led to other complications and got worse and worse and worse. And doing drugs help made the piss poor decisions he obviously made!!

    • J Says:

      She was taken by the state because Jerrica is an unfit mother. Not to mention her mom is also a drug user and both her two youngest daughters were taken by the state before Jerrica even turned 18. It seems to run in the family.

  5. christopher henr Says:

    Look Don coons is my brother. I’ve known him for many years. He has 5 kids I’ve seen am in worse situations There’s no way that he would’ve tortured by kid. They’re going based off of their idea of evidence until they get the factual facts straight They have no idea what the%#!&k they’re talking about

  6. sweetlikeacid Says:

    These two have fb pages, so does her family & the baby’s father Exavier Dean. Neither these two nor the baby’s father mention the death & the parents don’t even acknowledge the baby. No posts & no photos…it’s as though the baby never existed. She has pictures of her toddler though. And the baby tested positive for methpetamine. Idk how, highly doubt the woman was breastfeeding…doesn’t sound like she was even feeding the baby consistently. This woman was on a special news segment for cocoon house a year ago. She had just moved there with her toddler. Talking about how her future was looking bright. Wtf happened?!

    • NUBS Says:

      Her grandfather and “auntie” put up pictures of the infant Madilynn Marie Dean Schreib and she was a healthy, smiling baby before she went to live with the monsters who tortures her. Those same relatives are now posting all kinds of ridiculous BS “spirituality” about spirits and souls and sadness. They’re all broken creeps looking for the next rush, whether it’s from drugs, a tattoo, or a messed-up relationship, or pity from having allowed their daughter and her live-in penis of the week to torture that baby to death. The probable cause document shows how those two adults managed to traumatize Coons’ three children by torturing baby Madilynn (isn’t is cute how these pieces of trash go to more effort to fond a “unique” spelling for baby names than they do to raise the baby?). Coons’ three kids are the ones who insisted every day that the baby get to a doctor. No doubt they are acutely aware of how lucky they are to be alive after seeing just what kinds of child-rearing practices are encouraged by their relatives. I hope they somehow land with decent people who take care of them, and not in the way that their relatives believe is adequate. You should all get together for a family reunion and get sterilized.

      • hello Says:

        Your comment on the unique spelling made me laugh. I also noticed that it seems junkies and trashy folk in general try to come up with “different” spelling for names! I have a feeling the family members look pretty similar to those you see down around the Everett Station or the Home Depot/La Palmera parking lot.

  7. ANON Says:

    Now that’s what you call TUHHHRASH.

    Someone needs to take them out back and shoot them. It’s what we do with bad animals.

  8. Linda Says:

    She had a baby in 2012, also. Where is that baby?

  9. John.m Says:

    Am an addict of sorts. By that I mean I take suboxon for your typical lower back pain. And arthritis in my knees and Elbows.I am an addict because I can not stop taking it without withdrawals.but I do not enjoy taking it or crave it mentally.so with that said addiction is in NO way a disease it’s a choice. I am so sick of weak people calling alcoholics and addicts diseased it’s there choice plain and simple.grow up ! Now to the point of this post. These two are in for a world of hell as soon as they land in prison.this is the one thing Noone in prison accepts (anything to do with a child)

  10. EverettRes Says:

    I am glad the baby is no longer suffering and can no longer be hurt. Rest in peace.

  11. A Says:

    sadly this 19yr old monster has had a previous baby back in 2012

  12. Eleanore Says:

    3 months old helpless little baby, those monsters should be locked up for life and sterilized no more children for these scumbags

  13. Anon Says:

    Deserves prison. Meth head junkies who care more about neglecting a child who hurt just to get high, do not deserve to have kids period. Just cause you have a baby doesn’t make you a mom. You need to act like one. Jericca has not and should never be allowed to again.

    • Here2Opine Says:

      Why have they not been charged for this? Why????? Also the “mom” was arrested last week at Walmart for trespassing and having meth. Big shocker there, eh?

      • Gary Says:

        Yes i wonder why they have not been charged too. I met Don Coons in 2002 when he and Torianne Wischmann the mother of his three daughters were living in my neighborhood in a rental house. Torianne died a year ago today of a meth and heroin over dose. She was only 38. Now those girls have no mother. That’s why they were living with Don.

  14. hello Says:

    What junkie monsters. I hope they rot in hell. World won’t miss two more heroin junkies.

    • Yep Says:

      In no way am I defending these people, it is beyond reasonable….. Anything to do this to a child. I am mortified that a precious little baby was treated so horrible, I can’t imagine how someone could even think of torturing an innocent angel like that. However, I take issue with how you’ve associated them as heroin junkies that the world won’t miss. I’m pretty sure they’re drug users, they look the part. Drugs aren’t the only thing that fueled them to do this though, they’re already monsters who would’ve done this even if drugs weren’t involved. Addiction is a terrible disease. Unfortunately I suffer from this disease, but I would never hurt my kids. I’m not defending addicts either, people like this are the ones that make it hard for people like me to get a fair shake in life. Yes, addicts make the choice, at first, to try substances for one reason or another, some can stop right there but addicts can’t. Our brain works differently, it’s scientific fact. If our government would treat addiction as a disease instead of a crime like most other advanced societies do, it’d be a lot easier to get help, crime would go down and hopefully, stories like this would be non existent. It shakes me to think of how horrible that babies life was. I have 5 kids, the youngest being 4 months old and looking at him now thinking about that little girl, I want to cry. Don’t blame the drugs though, these people are monsters without the drugs. You are right though, the world won’t miss them. Please though, don’t put all drug users into the same category as these two. I know drugs are bad for our society, bad for people, just plain bad. Not all USERS are bad though, and not a single addict enjoys being an addict. It’s miserable when a substance controls your life, it’s depressing and lonely. Some of us are good people though, we just have a disease that is very misunderstood and a high population of people who give us all a bad name, these two are a prime example. I apologize for my long post, but let’s not blame this atrocity on a substance, let’s place the blame where it belongs, on these two despicable human beings. Blaming the substance would give them a defence they don’t deserve.

      • A Says:

        as a past drug user for many years (cocaine, meth, alcohol, were my drugs of choice). I had no medical rehab or medications to stop my poor choice of smoking meth it was a CHOICE TO STOP. One day I woke up and said, my life sucks, change it dummy. I feel that addiction is a DAMN CHOICE not a disease. Sort of like smoking nicotine – you choose to smoke. Unlike Alzheimer’s, you don’t choice to loose your mind. Drug use is NOT a DISEASE!! it’s a CHOICE!

      • hello Says:

        I agree total with “a”. A disease is cancer or lupus. Using drugs starts as a choice. No one forced the user to shoot heroin. Someone with cancer didn’t make a choice.

  15. Zach Says:

    Forgive me for judging based on appearance, but those two faces SCREAM probable cause (of a lot of things).

  16. Marcus Says:

    Hope they are both beaten and abused in many ways on a daily basis while they are in prison.