Everett Becoming More Bike Friendly

The City of Everett continues to make the city more bike friendly. As part of the recent replacement of the bridge on Broadway over the railroad tracks between Hewitt and California the city added a new signal for cyclists. Meghan Pembroke from the City of Everett explains the latest improvements…

bike lane

A look at the bike lane Eastbound California at Broadway.

bike lane

Now bike riders won’t be stranded waiting for a car to trip the light.

California Street from West Marine View Drive to Interstate 5 is a lower volume east-west route that travels through downtown. It is identified in Everett’s Downtown Plan and Everett’s Bicycle Master Plan as a proposed east-west bicycle transportation corridor. The new traffic signal provides a means of crossing Broadway which is currently a barrier to bicycle traffic, and creates a safer bicycle route in and out of downtown. As California Street is upgraded over the coming years bike lanes (or other bike facilities) will be added in a similar fashion to what has been done on Hoyt Avenue through the downtown.

Before the new traffic signal was constructed at California Street & Broadway, all east/west traffic was already required to turn right (including bikes). Pedestrians were allowed to cross Broadway there, but without the benefit of a traffic signal.

The new traffic signal has dedicated east-west channelization for bikes. Vehicles approaching Broadway must turn right, just as they were required to do before the project. Bikes are channelized to a protected area formed by raised medians near the center of the street while cars are directed toward the right turn only curb lane. Bikes will be detected by the traffic signal via loops in the pavement and/or a push button in the median. When the east/west signals turn green, bikes can cross Broadway (or turn onto Broadway) while cars can only turn right. Pedestrians can also cross Broadway under signal control using the pushbuttons.

You can click here to see the city’s proposed bicycle master plan.

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14 Responses to “Everett Becoming More Bike Friendly”

  1. Ron Bagwell Says:

    I think that city streets are no place for bicycles. The streets are designed for motorized vehicles. Bicycles get in the way, the majority of riders do not follow the rules of the road, and create dangerous conditions for both bicycle riders and motor vehicle operators. Bicycle riders should have their own trail systems designed specifically for there needs.

  2. Niemands Says:

    Thanks Scott and Miriam for your comments. There are plenty of people who live in Everett that support bike riders as long as they ride responsibly. Be careful too many bad drives not focusing on the road driving like fools.

  3. Miriam Says:

    Usually when I recreationally bicycle to Everett, I stop somewhere to eat.Improve the bicycle infrastructure and Everett will receive more local tourists with cash to burn. Show us a crappy attitude and we will take our dollars elsewhere.

  4. Bourne Says:

    Now I’ll have to avoid these spandexed smug nitwits in addition to the passed out wino’s in the middle of the street. Just great.

  5. Eleanore Says:

    The only “Cyclists” I see around town are growm men on BMX kids bikes…crackheads all of them get out of the road

  6. scott Says:

    This stupid adversarial attitude towards cyclists is the like a sign of apocalypse or something. “Oh I think if people ride bikes they should have pay” Are you really that small? For one, they do… just as much as you, usually more as cyclist statistically are higher earners than the average. We’ve become a society so small, and petty, so concerned with making sure we have some disposition from which to assert a pittance of contrived superiority, that we squabble about riding bikes. People can’t just ride bikes? You have to make some kind of absurd competition?

    • Eleanore Says:

      It bothers me when a cyclist is in the road acting like a car and I must treat him as such, move over and stay in the bike lane

      • scott Says:

        And cyclists would tell drivers to put down their phones and pay attention to, well you know, driving. It bothers cyclist when they’re in bike lanes (which by the way, in Everett at least, are more like than not, littered with broken glass, inch thick gravel, storm debris from a storm that happened almost 2 months ago, and all manner of other debris) and still get almost hit and often actually hit. Also the RCW permits cyclist the choice to NOT use bike lanes, even when present, and for good reason. But again, just two sides. The fact that this discussion has to happen at all, instead just living in a community where the general assumption is that people will treat each, and their endeavors, which, in this circumstance, could be deadly, with at least enough respect and decency to give a couple of seconds patience to each other is indicative of the continuing decline in what was already a barely palatable area to live in.

      • Mack Says:

        Instead of treating them like a car (which is just one kind of vehicle, among many), what would you rather treat a cyclist as? A couch? A sign post? A bowl of chicken noodle soup? An abstract concept?

  7. Eleanore Says:

    If drivers have to share the road with cyclists and the cyclists have to obey rules of the road then those cyclists should have to pay to license their bikes to be on the road!