Evergreen Way Shut Down By Rollover Crash

January 2, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Evergreen Way Rollover

Evergreen Way Rollover

Evergreen Way Rollover

Evergreen Way RolloverEvergreen Way was closed between 75th street and Bruin Blvd following a rollover crash Saturday afternoon.

The crash happened about 3:30 PM.

There were no life-threatening injuries but officers were a bit too busy with traffic control and investigation to provide any details.

Here are a few MyEverettNews.com photos.

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2 Responses to “Evergreen Way Shut Down By Rollover Crash”

  1. Jackiebaby Says:

    I called 911 about the driver in the white car that looks to have caused this. He was passed out at the light on 79th coming out of AMPM. Several people tried to wake him and when he did look around he drove off. One guy got his plate number but I don’t know if they called it in. Not sure if 911 ever responded.

  2. Eleanore Says:

    WHat a bunch of crappy drivers!! slow down and watch where you’re going and these things wouldn’t happen!!