1 Dead, 15 Hurt, 100 Displaced By New Year’s Eve Fire in Everett, WA

January 1, 2016

Everett, Everett Fire

1:30 AM Update: Here is the official press release issued this morning from Assistant Everett Fire Marshal Eric Hicks…


Nearly 90 firefighters fought the 3-alarm fire.

Everett firefighters responded Thursday night, Dec. 31, to a fire at the Bluffs at Evergreen apartment complex at 2 West Casino Road. The three-alarm fire claimed one life and 12 other people were transported to area hospitals.

The fire was initially reported at 7:09 p.m. as a possible mattress fire. Crews arriving on scene saw smoke and flames coming from the building. They quickly discovered the deceased individual and several other residents needing rescue and medical aid. First responders called for additional backup and more than 90 firefighters and emergency medical personnel responded from Everett and neighboring communities.

“The building was not equipped with a fire sprinkler system, and the fire was able to travel into the attic and spread quickly through the building,” said Assistant Fire Marshal Eric Hicks. “We’ll be working into tomorrow to put out the fire and complete our investigation of the cause.”

Firefighters and emergency medical personnel treated 15 people, ages 5 to 60 years old, for injuries, including smoke inhalation, burns and injuries from being dropped out of upper-story windows. Twelve of the 15 injured individuals were transported to area hospitals, including a 57-year-old woman in critical condition, and three others in serious condition.

The fire displaced more than 100 residents, who were being helped by volunteers with the American Red Cross. An emergency shelter has been established at a nearby church. Everett Transit provided two buses for temporary shelter on scene, and to transport residents to the emergency shelter.

Seven of the building’s 30 units were affected by the fire, and the remaining 23 units were damaged by smoke and water. Crews are expected to continue working through the night and into Friday morning to fully extinguish the fire.

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10 Responses to “1 Dead, 15 Hurt, 100 Displaced By New Year’s Eve Fire in Everett, WA”

  1. Candy Katen Says:

    Well, I’m learning more about the New Years Eve Fire. The complex was built in 1969 BEFORE Current Codes were law. It was owned by a company w/a Hawaiian Address & sold in 2005 for ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS. That was probably when they gave the place a facelift. Pictures make it look new & modern. With the smell of “new” most would be tenants do’t notice the lack of Smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, or fire breaks which could only be seen if you knew where to look. Hearthstone Housing Foundation – a low-income housing group (yet a 2 br 3rd floor walkup is nearly 1,100 a month rent? LOW INCOME?) they have properties in CA, OR & WA states; 18 counties in WA & 16 ‘properties’ in Snohomish county. Sounds like mighty big business folks.
    In order for the tenants to collect their damage deposits, they had to sign a waiver NOT to hold the Coast Real Estate folks & the rest of the owners/management liable for anything. They had a translator there. I wonder if anyone was there to advise the people about the wisdom of signing that little piece of paper to be able to get a few hundred bucks to buy food, etc etc?
    Do you suppose it might be wise to have all these places retrofitted with smoke alarms & sprinkler systems? The owners ARE making money on them. Do ya Think?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    please donate to help those people affected by the fire to find a new home or to buy things they need.The website is handinhandkids.org if you can’t donate money the families are most in need for diapers and wipes and feminine products like pads and stuff. Anything will help thank you!

  3. Shawna Martin Says:

    Reading the colorful comments doesn’t surprise me. When you sit comfy, warm and safe at your conputer, you spend a few minutes putting out your “opinion” of this fire. Did you know people are without the simple luxury of a roof, or heat or even their personal belongings. Instead of sitting there, why don’t you look in your closet for blankets and clothes to take down there. Show some mercy to someone because you never know when it will be you wishing for the same. God bless these people that are out of a home. God help those that can’t see beyond themselves.

  4. A Says:

    So sad. My kids go to school with the many children whom have lost everything. My daughter cried that her classmate has nothing, no home, no clothes & no warmth or books left. She has packed up a small box of her toys, books & clothes to donate. She is 9. She has more compassion then most adults. Very sad these apartments were not equipped with the correct measures to keep the fire from spreading or to alert the tenants more quickly. I’m pretty sure this was not a meth lab. More likely a cigarette & yes a mattress can burn very quickly, even more so on an older one. My heart breaks for everyone whom lots their home, health & life

  5. dd Says:

    Wow. I live on Casino and am aghast at the insensitive comments rushing to judge the victims. Many folks seem to think-DRUGS, right away. Ever consider this, some tenants might have been on disability, and some might be the working poor(has this term ever been heard by Robert,Candy and Eleanore?). Anonymous is the only one who gives any indication that her humanity is intact. I am distraught for all the displaced people and my blame goes to another source-the slumlord who felt so little responsibility for human lives that he took the money of these tenants without regard for their safety. Blood is on his hands-code or no code, grandfathered in or not. This type of blatant disregard for life is reprehensible-period. Maybe when Robert, Candy and Eleanore pass this joker in their neighborhood, they might ask him how he feels.

    • Candy Katen Says:

      Since my kids were living in one of the 7 apartments that were destroyed, since they barely escaped with their lives,with cuts from broken glass, (BLESS the folks with the ladder who helped them escape not a minute too soon) since They Are also Working Poor, I guess I may grumble.

      They have struggled ever since the crash of 2008. They are FINALLY hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel & are back to ground zero. Two of them didn’t even have shoes on when they were taken to the hospital. Family is there, but right now all is at a standstill. They can’t even get into their car, as the keys, ID’s etc were all in their little home on the top floor.

      It never occurred to them to look for sprinkler systems in the halls or smoke detectors or fire alarms. Nor would they know that there were no fire breaks in the attic. Nor that “Astro Turf” BURNS!

      How could a mattress fire envelop an entire 30 unit building in that short a time. The material of mattresses are simply not an accelerant like that.

      The 6 year old lost his home, his pets, everything he was familiar with, & the experience of being at a window screaming for help won’t be easily forgotten. The one plus is that they are all safe today. Hopefully, the memories Will fade and they can get back on their feet. Kudos to all the firefighters, police and others who helped. They were all God’s Blessings that night!

  6. anonymous Says:

    sensitive much??? more like de-sensitized!!!

  7. Eleanore Says:

    What caused this? smoking in bed? a mattress fire? how does a mattress catch on fire? candle? stupid people that is why I won’t ever live in a huge apt complex you are at the mercy of other people causing problems

    • Candy Katen Says:

      As fast as the fire spread was the place made of cardboard? To burn like a tinderbox there have to be NO Fire blocks in any areas. Are there building codes in the area? Or is the place grandfathered? I looked at the fires online. Everett & area have an AWFUL LOT of apartment fires that involve a lot of families. Don’t apartment managers vet the tenants? Has no one a nose to smell if someone is “cooking” social goodies? Meth labs have a SMELL & if I smelled it, I DEFINITELY would NOT want to live in that building. Wonder what the causes of the fire last night & the previous 3 Apartment fires in the last week or so were>>>

      • Robert Says:

        It’s Casino Rd, ofcourse they don’t vet tenants, they don’t even run credit checks and turn a blind eye to the renters insurance requirement. Kinda why the street is such a dump to live on… ofcourse, if they did vet we’d have a bigger homelessness problem.