Car-Pedestrian Crash at 86th and Evergreen Way

December 30, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire, Police Blotter

pedestrian vs. car

Everett Firefighters and medics arriving on scene.

pedestrian vs car

An Everett paramedic checks on the pedestrian.

pedestrian vs. car

Everett Firefighters load the pedestrian onto a stretcher.

Not sure who was at fault as Everett Police look into the events surrounding a car-pedestrian crash near Fred Meyer in Everett this morning.

One person was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Here are a couple of photos from the crash which tied up southbound traffic on Evergreen Way for about a half an hour.


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5 Responses to “Car-Pedestrian Crash at 86th and Evergreen Way”

  1. Eleanore Says:

    Yeah I see them crossing Broadway all the time…suprised more of them don’t get hit…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Never Under Estimate an Everett Zombie, EVER!!!!

      • hello Says:

        Agreed. 26 degrees out this morning, but at least 5 of them at the new junkie hotspot behind the La Palmera on 99. Buy according to the Sheriff’s Office, “although you may not see the results we are actively reaching out in the area”. Yeah right!

  2. hello Says:

    I drive by this area frequently and the amount of junkies crossing Evergreen where they are not supposed to is startling.

  3. Eleanore Says:

    Its either an impaired driver or another jay walker strolling along where they shouldn’t be