Alcohol Impact Area In Everett, WA Now Mandatory

December 30, 2015

Everett, Everett Government

Alcohol Impact Area

City attorney David Hall explained the Alcohol Impact Area to the Everett City Council in April of this year.

In a unanimous vote tonight the Everett City Council decided to make voluntary restrictions on sales of certain types of alcohol in Everett mandatory within the boundaries of an Alcohol Impact Area.

In April of this year, the city council passed a six month voluntary test ordinance.

On the 9th of this month Everett Police reported back to the council the six month results…

70.4% of the 101 businesses contacted did not comply with the voluntary ban.

15.4% did comply and stopped selling the 20 items. These were mostly larger chain-type and box stores.

14.2% of the businesses never carried the items on the list.

Everett Police Lt. Bruce Bosman told the city council there was about a 10% decrease in the number of alcohol related calls for treatment by the Everett Fire Department over the six month period but other problems such as littering, trespassing, criminal mischief and theft were still issues in designated areas of Everett.

Bosman said the list of Stakeholders that consulted on the alcohol problem all said that over the last six months things have not improved and in some cases are worse.

Tonight the council voted unanimously to make the Alcohol Impact Areas mandatory. You can click here to see the list of banned items and the boundaries of the Alcohol Impact Area. (Scroll down to the last 2 pages of the ordinance)

The new law will go into effect 15 days after the Mayor’s signature on the ordinance and the State Liquor and Cannabis Board will begin contacting more than 100 business within the Alcohol Impact Area.

The Everett City Council has asked the police department to report back on the impacts both within and outside of the Alcohol Impact Area.

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4 Responses to “Alcohol Impact Area In Everett, WA Now Mandatory”

  1. chris Says:

    just like with firearms, the alcohol and drugs aren’t the problem, its the people that abuse them that are the issue, either throw `em in jail or have better treatment facilities. until then the problem will persist. fix the people, don’t blame it on an inatamate object and think making it illegal will fix anything, cause it won’t do anything but fund illegal supplier’s

  2. AnotherEverettRes Says:

    Thanks, little Hitlers.

    I am a law abiding, job holding citizen. I like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Now I’ve got to drive miles out of my way to get it instead of walking two blocks.

    • Citizen Says:

      The problem in everett is terrible.. Ban it outright! Everett turning into a complete drug problem. Losers..

      • AnotherEverettRes Says:

        I am a fine upstanding citizen, living in the heart of it. Serve on my kid’s school PTA board, etc. Banning this won’t solve things, and whining certainly won’t either. People actually giving enough of a damn to get off their duff is where change comes from.