Sunday’s Everett Shooting May Have Been A Shoot-Out

December 24, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

shooting on Colby

Police spent more than a dozen hours at the shooting scene.

Two people are in custody on burglary and weapons charges after a shooting late Sunday night on Colby Avenue. At this point, the two are not facing charges in the shooting itself but are being held with probable cause for other crimes.

The two faced a Snohomish County District Court judge today for a probable cause hearing. A 28-year-old woman from Lake Stevens is being held on $100,000.00 bail for residential burglary while a 22-year-old man is being held on $1 Million dollars bail for being a felon in unlawful possession of a firearm.

According to probable cause for arrest paperwork filed by Everett Police, the man and woman were inside the house at 4120 Colby Avenue in Everett Sunday night when three people arrived. One of those people began arguing with the man and reportedly pointed a pistol at the man and racked the slide ejecting a bullet. As the argument continued the man took out his own pistol and fired several shots hitting and killing the guy who pointed a pistol at him.

The man and woman then left the Colby house. The next day the woman is alleged to have burglarized a house in Lake Stevens. During that burglary a firearm was reportedly stolen.

Everett Police major crimes detectives spent more than 12 hours Monday processing the Colby crime scene and gathering evidence.

Within the past 24 hours police located the man and woman and booked them separately into the Snohomish County Jail. The man is reportedly a gang member and two-time felon and the woman also has a criminal history. Neither are legally allowed to possess a firearm.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner has yet to identify the man killed inside the Colby house. Everett Police continue to investigate whether the shooting was self-defense or what other circumstances may be involved. No word how long that investigation may take.


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5 Responses to “Sunday’s Everett Shooting May Have Been A Shoot-Out”

  1. danny Says:

    Wow thats crazy the woman that was arrested in this is also a felon her self who had just beat a case in which she had stabbed a person and since the witnesses were not present to testify against her the charges were dropped, lucky her… Also if u know her name and look her up on the snoho jail registry it shows she had been charged on the 22nd with the charges then let goto obviously locate the man involved in this ordeal who she was claiming to be dating and trying to help him get away, but once she did locate him after she spoke to police she eventually was able to lure him into their final arrest and booking on the matter at hand… I wonder what kind of deal they will give this woman who has a more extensive felony record then the man stated to be a 2 time felon here, its a shame that they seem to just allow the ones who are willing to throw their co-defendants under the bus to walk pretty much when most of the time they are the ones who are more of a threat to our community in reality but still they are the ones who win their freedom all due to their choice to have no conscience in letting the other ones involved get cooked compared to themselves… I will never understand the reasoning behind that…

  2. anon Says:

    Gun control laws certainly helped in this situation, didn’t they? Stolen guns if you can’t get one.

    • Mark Warren Says:

      I am sorry,

      Which gun control laws are those? Are they national laws?

      Or is your paranoia so bad that you really think new laws have been passed and Obama is comin to git yer guns?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Clearly anon meant the laws which define who can legally own a firearm and require registration. The laws were worthless in this case as the miscreants simply stole a weapon from a lawful owner, which calls into question why the laws exist at all.

      • anon Says:

        Yeah. You read my comment wrong, Mark. Way to look like a typical Democrat spewing garbage about big O. I was stating the irony that the laws don’t work, because they’ll just steal one.