Gipson Makes Surprise Exit From Everett City Council

December 23, 2015

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Ron Gipson

Gipson served 20 years and was sworn in to his latest term of office on January 5th 2012.

It was an eventful Everett City Council meeting this afternoon.

During the councilmember report portion at the beginning of the meeting Ron Gipson, who lost his seat in the recent election to Cassie Franklin, announced he was leaving before the meeting could go any further.

Gipson admonished the Everett Police and Fire departments for not doing what he considered a good enough job in recruiting people of color onto their staff.

Gipson then quoted both Bob Hope and Walt Disney and thanked his family for standing by him through his 20 years of service.

He also reminded all current and future council members to leave any feelings of disagreement between each other on the council within the council chambers.

He got up, left a bouquet of roses for Deb Williams who has worked as council administrator during Gipson’s time on the council, but did not stay behind to hear any accolades from his fellow councilmembers who seemed somewhat stunned at his abrupt exit.

Gipson’s seat will remain vacant next week and then Cassie Franklin will be sworn in on January 6th.


The newest members of the Everett Fire Department are introduced to the Everett City Council

Just prior to Gipson’s leaving, Everett Fire Chief Murray Gordon presented the city’s newest firefighters to the city council. All seven recently graduated from the State Fire Academy and are now assigned to various fire stations throughout the city.

In other news during the meeting, Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson revealed he and council president Scott Bader met with representatives of the Iraqi community in Everett. The Mayor said more then 3000 Iraqis call Everett and Snohomish County home and some have been concerned over how they are perceived. Both the city and the Iraqi community are working hard to combat any fear or misunderstanding of either side.

Council President Bader also spoke out against the idea of any more recreational marijuana shops opening in Everett. Recently the State said it was looking to double the number of legal pot shops in Everett from five to ten and Bader told the council he thinks Everett has done its part and doesn’t want any more marijuana shops in town.

Finally, Bob Reese, Regional Executive Vice President at Volunteers of America Western Washington presented an overview of a proposed Casino Road Neighborhood Center. Reese told the city council it would be both a community center on Casino Road as well as a one-stop service center for people to receive services, help, information and to celebrate the many cultures on Casino Road. There are four possible locations with a cost of $12.8 million dollars and a hoped-for completion date in 2018.


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