Sheriff’s Detective Uses Social Media and Comments To Seek Leads in South Everett Shooting

December 21, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter


Detectives use social media to connect with potential witnesses.

As the internet and social media become more common than phone calls as a way to communicate, investigators are also reaching out online to connect with potential witnesses. Recently an anonymous person made a comment on a story on MyEverett following a shooting where a victim was dropped off at Swedish Medical Center and later died. After seeing the comment a detective reached out looking for information. Here’s part of a comment left and the detective’s comment asking for contact…

Anonymous Says:

Were in a Black Lincon with black rims. Me and my girl friend saw them drive really fast down 4th ave and they made a U-turn and this fat guy pointed a gun at me but a car was passing by and my girl said his name was trigerz. I checked his face book after and he had a picture with his gun. And 10 min after they came back around 3:40 am and they stopped next to me and I knew the other 2 . diego was in the passenger seat and came out with a knife and trigerz was just holding his gun. Think it was a 45 or a 9 but the driver rolled down his window and my girl said to leave us alone cuz I guess they knew each other…


  • Det. Walvatne Says:
    Good evening. I’m the lead detective on this case. Can the person who posted the above comment please contact me? This is very important information. I can be reached by phone (425-388-3820) or e-mail ( Thank you in advance!


  • asked Snohomish County Sheriff’s detective Walvatne why he posted after seeing the comments. “We want to reach out to potential witnesses in the way they’re most comfortable communicating,” said Walvatne. “The way to stop the violence is to get people to speak up, whether on the phone, in person or on social media.”

    “I’d love to hear from the people who left those comments on,” said Walvatne. “What they said was important and we need their help.”

    In addition to using social media the Sheriff’s office has a form people can fill out online to leave tips or you can call 425-388-3845 and leave an anonymous tip.


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