Everett’s Voluntary Alcohol Impact Area Failing

December 9, 2015

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Alcohol Impact

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is on the list of proposed beverages to be banned in most of Everett.

Tonight the Everett City Council got its six month update from Everett Police on the Voluntary Alcohol Impact Area passed back on April 15th.

Lt. Bosman from the police department reported to the council that the law went into effect on May 5th with the city asking 101 businesses within the Alcohol Impact Area to stop selling 20 different items.

You can see the Alcohol Impact Area boundaries and banned item list here.

Bosman told the council that 70.4% of the 101 businesses contacted did not comply with the voluntary ban.

15.4% did comply and stopped selling the 20 items. These were mostly larger chain-type and box stores.

14.2% of the businesses never carried the items on the list.

Bosman said there was about a 10% decrease in the number of alcohol related calls for treatment by the Everett Fire Department over the six month period but other problems such as littering, trespassing, criminal mischief and theft were still issues in designated areas of Everett.

Bosman said the list of Stakeholders that consulted on the alcohol problem all said that over the last six months things have not improved and in some cases are worse. He identified those Stakeholders as:

  • Providence Regional Medical Center
  • The Everett Clinic
  • The Downtown Everett Association
  • Everett Police Department
  • Everett Fire Department
  • Everett Gospel Mission

The Everett Police Department is now asking the city council to pass an ordinance requesting the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to place mandatory restrictions on stores within the boundaries of the Alcohol Impact Area.

The Everett City Council will likely consider that recommendation next week.

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