Everett Drops Opposition To Seattle Inmates in Snohomish County Jail

November 30, 2015

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Everett drops opposition

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson addressed the Snohomish County Council Monday morning.

Today the City of Everett agreed to drop its opposition to a contract between Snohomish County and the City of Seattle to house inmates in the jail in downtown Everett. The contract is worth $3 million dollars to Snohomish County but Everett objected to the wording regarding inmate releases.

The wording of the agreement has been amended to now include the following three items which were unanimously approved by the Snohomish County Council…

1). WHEREAS, the Sheriff’s Office has taken steps to lessen the likelihood that contract inmates will end up homeless within Snohomish County; and

2). WHEREAS, the Sheriff’s Office wishes to work with Snohomish County cities to further address issues around inmate release and return to the original jurisdiction;

3). Requests that the Sheriff’s Office take all legal measures necessary to return all Seattle inmates to the City of Seattle upon their release; review release practices and procedures in consultation with the City of Everett in approximately 90 days; and based upon this review, the County and City will enter a memorandum of understanding memorializing the procedures used by the Sheriff’s Office to continue returning Seattle inmates to the City of Seattle upon their release.

You can click below to see the entire agreement and amended motion approved by the County Council.

Amended Motion 15-377

Here is part of what Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson told the County Council…

I appreciate Sheriff Trenary and County Council President Somers for working with me and my staff to develop the language in the amended motion that was passed by the County Council this morning. Ensuring that inmates are returned to their city of arrest is critically important to this community, and the amended language addresses those concerns.

The Sheriff’s Office has been an important partner in our ongoing efforts to address street-level social issues in our community, including participating in the CHART program focusing on chronic utilizers of our resources, and canceling the contract with the Department of Corrections to house felons at the County jail. I am grateful for the good working relationship we have with the County and the Sheriff’s Office, and I look forward to continuing our cooperative efforts to address homelessness and other street issues in Everett.

MyEverettNews.com has asked the Sheriff’s Office for examples of the steps that will lessen the likelihood of Seattle inmates ending up homeless in downtown Everett. We’ll update this article with those when we receive them.


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4 Responses to “Everett Drops Opposition To Seattle Inmates in Snohomish County Jail”

  1. Judy Says:

    I am still not clear on how the inmates are going to get back to the scene of their crime. I agree with snococlam I would not want to be on a bus with a
    released inmate. Once again our city fathers let Seattle skate by. The almighty dollar has ruled again.

  2. snococlam Says:

    The Council “requests”, not mandates, that the Sheriff “take all legal measures necessary” to return released inmates to Seattle. Yet the bus pass provision remains in the now-executed contract. I’d like to see examples of what these “legal measures” could be. Is a Deputy going to ride the bus to Seattle to be sure the released inmate gets on and doesn’t get off until reaching Seattle. As an Everett-Seattle bus rider, I am not thrilled by this provision of the contract.

  3. Max Maxwell Says:

    Whomever hauls them up here should be required to haul them back. Do it on their last day of incarceration so there is no question of them being held beyond their term. Let Seattle release them from their facilities. Otherwise they will end up on the streets of Everett. That is the major issue causing problems in Everett right now, vagrants.

  4. Eleanore Says:

    So it doesn’t mention how the inmates will get back to Seattle once they’re released…doesn’t it cost money to ship them back? who will pay for them being hauled back down to Seattle? this whole thing is a joke…