Everett Roads Getting Icy

November 27, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

Everett roads icy

A woman andher two daughters were unhurt after they lost control on an icy stretch of Lowell-Larimer road.

Everett roads

You can see the icy patches on the road.

With the recent pattern of freezing, melting, freezing, melting we’re seeing more icy roadways creating problems in Everett.

Areas that have poor drainage are seeing fairly large amounts of ice form on the roadway. The 7400 – 7700 block of Lowell-Larimer Road has been a particular problem along with certain spots on Mukilteo Boulevard.

City of Everett sanding crews are out and Everett Police advise to slow down in areas where you know there may be water on the road.

So far no major injury accidents have occurred on Everett roads but there have been several spin outs.

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