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November 24, 2015



A personal plea from Leland Dart, publisher

Hey from now through November 30th we’re having our first-ever $5.00 fundraiser.

As I’ve mentioned in the past reader contributions are an important part of how we keep going. We love our advertisers and are happy to welcome some new sponsors including Everett Silvertips Hockey, Renee’s Contemporary Clothing, Everett Community College and the Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett.

We need you to visit these and our other advertisers and let them know that you support them keeping breaking news alive in Everett, WA.

We’re committed to covering breaking news in Everett and giving you stories and pictures you won’t find anywhere else. We also don’t want to run those take over and drop down ads. When you come here we want you to be able to get right to what you were looking for.

We also want to thank all of the people who have donated in past fund raising efforts. When we say your $10 donation is for a year we mean that. You don’t need to donate again (unless you really, really want to).

But the fact of the matter is only a tiny fraction of our readers actually help us out with a voluntary subscription. As an example, according to Google Analytics, in the past 30 days (Oct. 24 – Nov. 23), has had 49,459 unique visitors and 123,017 page views. Yet just 4 donations.

If everyone who hasn’t yet donated this year but who reads this between now and November 30th donates just $5.00 we would cover our expenses for 2016.

So please click right here and join our $5.00 fundraiser.

If you prefer to not donate online, our mailing address is 10121 Evergreen Way #25-467 Everett, WA 98204.

As our way of saying thanks, here’s a photo of an Everett Firefighter rescuing a kitten.


No other Everett media brings you photos like


Don’t you love this? Click photo to enlarge.


Please help if you can. It is greatly appreciated.

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