Everett Windstorm Updates

November 17, 2015

Everett, Unusual Photos In Everett

#1 12:00Noon: Shortly before 11:30 this morning during our big windstorm a huge tree fell on a mobile home in the 10600 block of Rosewood in southwest Everett. There were 3 people inside but thankfully no one was injured. Here are a few MyEverettNews.com photos. Click to enlarge.

tree 1

tree 2

tree 3

tree 4

#2 2:00 PM: Around 12:45 PM a tree went onto the roof of a house in the 3600 Block of Federal Avenue. It looked to be minor damage and no injuries.

tree on Federal

Grand tree 2

Photo courtesy Everett Fire Marshal Rick Robinson and EFD Twitter Feed.

As the storm continues into the afternoon there are numerous power outages spread throughout Everett. Many intersections are without power including these three on Pacific Avenue between Colby and Oakes.


When the lights go out it becomes a 4-way stop. A challenge for many drivers.

MyEverettNews.com had a chance to stop by the 10th street boat launch and we found out what Seagulls do when it’s too windy to fly…


Seagulls waiting for the wind to die down…

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