Everett Police Use Technology and Patrol Experience To Catch Car Thieves Sunday

November 15, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

suspect 1

A detained suspect is put into a police car after being removed from an SUV reported stolen from Snohomish.

suspect 2

A person backs away from the SUV with their hands up.

suspect 3

An Everett Police sergeant talks with a third person removed from the SUV.

There were two different sets of suspected car thieves arrested by Everett Police Sunday morning in two very different ways.

Around 6:45 AM a man parked his car at the gas pump at an AM/PM and went inside to pay, leaving his keys in his car.

Within seconds a person had taken his car and driven off with an accomplice following in a second vehicle.

An Everett Police Sergeant using his patrol experience began checking apartment complex parking lots near the store.

He found both cars together, detained both vehicles and once back-up arrived, took at least two people into custody.

In that short amount of time the suspected thieves had already moved property from the victim’s car into theirs.

Everett Police were able to reunite the victim with his stolen car.

About 3 hours later, On-Star called police saying per their GPS technology a 2015 Cadillac Escalade stolen Saturday in Snohomish was parking in an area near the Everett Golf and Country Club. An Everett Police officer located that car and saw at least one person inside. That officer called for back-up and police surrounded the vehicle, had On-Star disable it and unlock the doors and three people were detained.

While both technology and police experience are helpful in recovering stolen cars Everett Police say the best thing you can do is cut down the opportunity for people to steal your car in the first place.

Always take your keys with you and lock your doors (even at the gas station).

Get an anti-theft device for your steering wheel.

Don’t let your car warm up in the driveway without you in it.

Here is a link with more tips and a discount offer for “The Club” from Everett Police.


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