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November 4, 2015

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It’s not just downtown Everett offering great Holiday deals! is launching an effort to have our readers shop, dine and entertain in all of Everett this year.

North Everett, Downtown Everett and South Everett all have great shops, restaurants and entertainment venues that deserve support.

We’d also like to encourage Everett business owners to let people know about their offers, services and employees. Go ahead and brag about your Everett business and why you’re happy to be in Everett!

It’s time to remind folks they don’t have to leave the city of Everett to find the perfect gift, meal or experience to share with family and friends!

Here’s our pitch to business owners…

For 40 days, Nov. 15 – Dec 24th we’ll run a 300 x 250 box ad on

The ad will run along the right side column, visible on every page.

Your cost is $125.00. And $25.00 of that will be donated to your choice of…

  • Christmas House
  • VOA Food Bank
  • Everett Gospel Mission

You may change your ad copy as often as you’d like during the run and can link it to a web page, Facebook page or other site.

You simply need to provide us with a 300 by 250 jpg. and the link address.

Plus will let you brag about your business and employees…

We will write and produce a 200 – 300 word article with photo about your business to run during the month of December.

Promote your business, help an Everett non-profit  and help!

Let’s Do This!

We need to have your ad and payment in hand by November 14th. Please give me a call at 425-280-7620 to make arrangements or you can send an email to

Leland Dart,


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3 Responses to “Shop Everett This Holiday Season”

  1. Wm Says:

    You can “shop” at banks ? I didn’t realize that downtown any retail establishments.

  2. Wm Says:

    You can “shop” at banks ? Didn’t realize that downtown any retail establishments.

    • Zach Says:

      Admittedly, we don’t have much in the way of shopping, but there are options in the downtown corridor. Schack has art and glass pieces for sale, there’s a bike shop for cyclist gifts, a few clothing shops (all for women, I believe), a gourmet kitchen store, antiques if you happen to find something intriguing, and of course you can get gift certificates for all the service businesses (restaurants, salons, etc.) in the area.