Everett’s Waterfall Really Rolling


This is in Everett’s Lowell neighborhood


The Snohomish River at Lowell

Rotary boat launch

Rotary Park and Boat Launch are closed due to flooding.

foot bridge

A look at the man-made waterfall at the end of the railroad footbridge over-crossing in Lowell.


A look from directly above the waterfall.


Another look from the bottom of the footbridge.


This exhibit at the end of the footbridge explains the wetlands and waterfall project.

The weekend water is causing some inconvenience but also creating some nice picture taking opportunities in Everett, WA.

Flooding on the Snohomish River forced the closure of Rotary Park and boat launch in the Lowell neighborhood.

Just north of the park, the Lowell Riverfront trail offers some great viewing and right now the runoff from the I-5 storm water runoff system is really pouring over the man-made aqueduct and waterfall into the wetlands.

Rain is still going to be with us for a few days so grab your camera and snap away.

You can reach the footbridge over the railroad tracks and down to the wetlands from the 5300 block of South 2nd Avenue in Lowell.

Careful where you park as it is a residential neighborhood.

Here are a few MyEverettNews.com photos from this afternoon.

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