Everett Police And Fire Departments Suit Up For Stranded Sailboater

October 31, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire, Police Blotter

rescue 1

Everett Police and Firefighters meet at the 10th street boat launch.

rescue 2

2 police officers and 2 firefighters board the boat.

rescue 3

Marine 3 heads out into some rough water.

rescue 4

Everett crews return after the stranded sailboater decides to ride out the storm.

For the second time this week Everett Police and Firefighters were joined by sailors from Naval Station Everett in contacting a sailboater in possible trouble.

Wednesday night a sailboat was stuck in the mud flats north of the 10th street boat launch. The people on board that boat had to wait until high tide to move off.

This morning a different sailboat was caught on a sandbar on the west side of Jetty Island during the windstorm.

Someone watching from a house on the bluff above the Everett Marina reported seeing a man go into the water and hanging onto a dingy.

Everett Police and Everett Firefighters responded on Marine 3 from the 10th street boat launch while a patrol boat from Naval Station Everett also headed to the stranded sailboat.

Other Everett Fire crews stood by the dock in front of Anthony’s Restaurant on Marine View Drive in the event the man needed medical attention.

The man was contacted by Naval Station Everett sailors and was wearing a survival suit.

The boat was anchored and he told the Naval crews he was fine and going to wait out the storm on his boat.

Crews returned to shore and at last check the man and his sailboat were doing just fine.

He are some MyEverettNews.com photos of the scene at the 10th street boat launch.

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