Woman Hurt When SUV Rolls Off Boeing Freeway in Everett

October 12, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire, Police Blotter

SUV crash

The SUV rolled up the embankment in front of Boeing parking.


Firefighters had to remove the windshield and stabilize the SUV.


It took a team effort to safely get the woman out.

SUV crash

Everett Paramedics work on the woman prior to transporting her to Providence Regional Medical Center.

SUV Crash 5

Another look at the SUV after the driver was rescued.

Great work by Everett Fire crews as well as the Boeing Fire Department in rescuing a woman who rolled her SUV while going west on the Boeing Freeway just west of Airport Road Monday night.

Shortly after 8:30 PM calls began coming in to 9-1-1 about an SUV rolled up on an embankment with a woman trapped inside.

Boeing and Everett Firefighters had to first stabilize the SUV which was upside down and at an angle.

They were then able to rescue the woman who was driving. She was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center by paramedics with what were described as serious injuries.

Everett traffic investigators are going over the scene to determine exactly what happened. Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos from the scene.

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38 Responses to “Woman Hurt When SUV Rolls Off Boeing Freeway in Everett”

  1. KrisR Says:

    Perfectly said, Jill B. Apologies are more than appropriate and would hopefully provide healing. My heart is with all close to Madison. I focus on envisioning her quick and excellent recovery. I have experienced similar heartache in Harborview Med Ctr for 3 months and years of rehab after that, and do not wish it on anyone. I hope any further comments are only compassionate and with loving intentions. Gods speed, Madison. You are loved. And Amy, you are an angel and I’m so glad you and family are safe. I’m sorry for the trauma you’ve endured. Take care.

  2. Missy Says:

    I am not going to give any energy to negative comments from ignorant people- just continue to pray for sweet Madison and her family & friends. God please watch over her & her medical team!

  3. JillB Says:

    I’ve been praying like crazy that sweet little Madison heals and recovers quickly. The Island and the world is a better place because she’s in it. Prayers for her mom, dad and others who love her so much and may God lift your worries and stress from you soon!! Hayden contact me if the family needs anything!
    To anyone who would bash a sweet young girl (or her family) during this horrible time, SHAME on you! The world has no place for compassionless haters. You didn’t HAVE to post a mean or negative comment, you could of just read the article and moved on. Let’s hope when you are in need of prayers people don’t say “sorry not sorry” or why should I feel sorry for her/him. No one was asking you too! But there’s no need for your bitterness here. If either of you have any decency in your body you would apologize to the family for your disrespectful comments.

  4. Hayden Hixon Says:

    Hey Jeffrey Allen sounds like you have absolutely no compassion for this girl . Why don’t you come and try and sit in this hospital getting no sleep not being able to eat because we have no idea what will happen to her. You “hope she pulls through” yet you say “save the prayers”. Quite a contradictory statement and you sound like quite the ignorant piece of shit you have every bit of karma coming towards you. I wish you would email me like a man and talk to me more because I fucking promise you she will pull through and she will be laughing at your stupid ass very shortly for being so shallow.

    • Hayden Hixon Says:

      Sorry forgot to include my email haydenh96@gmail.com. We also went and talked to officer that responded to the scene of the crime and speeding has not been factored in yet. Do some research and you will find out that there have been multiple accidents in this same spot within a week.

  5. Jeffrey Allen Says:

    So she was driving recklessly and almost killed herself and others and we should feel sorry for her because she was just a young girl?

    How about save the prayers and teach your little princesses not to drive like maniacs?

    Hope the kid pulls through, also hope if any wrongdoing is found she gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • Amy Smith Says:

      I wasnt going to say anything or get involved but iv had enough. Jeffrey hold your tongue. You don’t know what happened. You know I have a 17 year old son that there has been times where he made poor judgment while drive and he is learning still he is a new driver not saying its ok but hes learing to drive . There going to make mistakes. Have you never made a poor jjudgment while driving. The roads where slick and even my vehicle was hydroplaneing. Im not trying to make excuses for her but I know I cant be the one to throw the first stone like you mister perfect man Jeffrey and the rest of the finger pointers. You don’t know what happened and if there was a medical condition or not so dont be so quick to judge. Young adults make mistakes. Im sure her intentions where not to hurt anyone or her self. The driving conditions where horribly and I was there and she wasn’t driving like a maniac. I do believe poor judgment did play a part that night and she has been forgiven by the people that matter and sir you dont matter or opinions. Its people like you that makes my heart hurt for humanity. this could be your child or mine. What more do you people want . This poor child has already paid a unfair price to this tragedy. Leave her alone. And leave her mom alone. You all sould all be ashamed for not being supportive and even thinking to comment negatively. What if this was you!!!! It is done and we as a community should be supportive in the time of great sadness. I don’t wish this apome anyone especially a young girl. Blame does no good but forgivness and love can heal. Sorry I hope I didn’t over step my boundaries. God bless you Madison and god be with you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes, because you were NOT there, you do not have any FACTS and you cannot judge HER because you have only assumptions that you know what happened. Did someone almost hit her? Did her car malfunction? Maybe she did get distracted. She didn’t hurt anyone else and she is in the hospital fighting for her life. She is a sweet girl that is bright and loved by all who know her, and that’s a fact. So please stop terrorizing her family. No comment is necessary if you don’t have something positive or encouraging to say. She is barely 16 years old and just a kid and all that matters right now is saving her life.

    • Jason Says:

      Well, Jeffrey. Since you have no idea how she was driving, or if there was a mechanical failure, or if she had a problem outside of her control, I feel good letting you know that your assumptions define you. If you have anything else out of line to say, I offer that you come and say them to my face rather than in his public forum. Then we can sort things out properly in the language that you can understand. Now please go find some other part of the world to attempt to suck well being from. Your efforts here have no impact. We are not moved by the likes of you.

  6. Tanya Caruso Says:

    To whomever wants to bash my cousins daughter, just remember karma is not nice. weather it is her fault or not she is a child that is loved dearly by friends and family. How dare you even put something so hateful, distasteful, and heartless on any kind of media. May God hold my cousins daughter in the palm of his hand and keep her strong! For those people who want to bad mouth anyone that has a tragic accident, I only hope you or your family do not have to go through anything so tragic as my family members have, may God Be with you.
    Also anyone whom would continue to support and pray for our family it’s gratefully appreciated.

  7. Sheila Says:

    Thank you Amy,

    My daughter is fighting for her life and because you responded so quickly and the amazing firefighters, police men and whomever helped get her to the hospital so quickly, she is still alive. Amy, I would love to speak to you. My name is Sheila Streicek. Please look me up on Facebook.

    • Tanya Caruso Says:

      Hang in there momma!!❤

    • Samee Says:

      My parents and I are sending our prayers and love! I hope Madison can recover! She’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met. I told my parents when I found out about her and I started tearing up just from how I got to know her during club volleyball. I pray that she’ll be home soon healthy! ❤️

  8. Donna A Says:

    Prayers going out to Madison and her family tonight and until we hear she is healing. She is “everybodies” daughter. Our small village is so closely knit- Such a sweet girl, friend of my daughter and her extended network of friends. This hit homes for every parent. My heart is breaking for Madison, her family , friends and my daughter who I hugged extra tight tonight. Life can change in a moment, could be your loved one. Heartfelt love going out tonight to this sweet, sweet girl and all who know and love her……

  9. PaulaW Says:

    My thoughts and prayers to the young woman who was injured and her family….. and a huge thank you to all those involved in getting her help. There are good people in this world, and I’m thankful for this. <3

  10. Neil Says:

    Am I allowed to call Ang an a**hole on this forum? This girl and her mom work for me and are well respected members of the South Whidbey Community

  11. Amy Smith Says:

    No worries jason! Im just glad that I could be there to help her. I know if it was my son that was driving I would hope that someone would do the same for him. And I just hope she is ok and I will pray for her. I saw what happened before she lost control of her car so if anyone has questions that is family. I just dont want to say here because I feel its no one business but to the people involved. I can give my info to the family but other wise im not interested. I will be just ok to know that she is ok and that will put my heart at ease. Prayers to her and to her friends and family!

  12. 12Th man Says:

    My friend almost lost her daughter last night have a little compassion. Take your heartless and tasteless comments somewhere else.

  13. ang Says:

    WOW! IT’S 45MPH in that section of Boeing Freeway. She must have been going well over 45 to roll her SUV UP A HILL! I have ZERO sympathy for idiots who drive CRAZY FAST. Sorry NOT SORRY

    • Jason Says:

      You do not have the facts. Get them before you go calling my friend’s daughter an idiot. SMH

    • Doree Says:

      You sir (or madam) are exactly what is wrong with this country. How can someone be so cruel and tasteless about a YOUNG GIRL being seriously injured. Yeah, ZERO sympathy, until it’s your child. What the hell are you thinking?

    • Charlene Says:

      Wow what a Heartless man you must be, I feel sorry for you. She is just a teenager who just barley started driving have some respect for a grieving family and send some prayers her way. Like she said zero sympathy until it’s your child,sister,brother,mother,cousin,aunt ect.
      Praying for dear miss Madison ❤

    • Louise Says:

      This is a very young teenage girl, and your horrible comment could not be more inappropriate while her family is watching her fight for her life. Our hearts and minds are with this family and we are so sorry this happened Madison. Keep fighting sweetheart –

    • Stacy Liniger Says:

      To Ang: how dare you. That is my niece, even if it weren’t I would say the same thing to you. You are what is wrong with this world. If there were more love and compassion and less people who think they know it all and apparently also think they are perfect then the world would be better. You think your brilliance and superior driving skills will save you from experiencing tragedy and then one day you realize that’s accidents don’t just happen to the people you think are deserving of, they happen to you. I won’t waste my emotion and energy on saying what i really want to. Those are going to my niece, and my prayers for her as she fights for her life. You will be haunted by your own words someday I’m sure. You are sick

      • Tanya Caruso Says:

        That’s my girl! That person has no idea, you should never screw with our family, sick individual and I refuse to say what I would like to because i would rather use my words for the healing of Madison!!❤
        I love you all!

    • Tanya Caruso Says:

      You can just read my thoughts. Karma really sucks, you should have never said one negative word. You don’t know her or her family. She is a beautiful, big hearted girl and has a big future ahead of her. Not one per see on deserves to go through this. May God bless you and everyone.

    • Tanya Caruso Says:

      You have made my patient line break! You are a piece of work. Don’t judge anyone, no one made you God and karma will bite you in the ass, you cold hearted piece!
      To know our family and friends are hurting from an acciedent, for you to put such a hateful statement out there, shame on you!

    • Anonymous Says:

      You’re a. Ass

  14. Amy Smith Says:

    Oh and one more thing im a little disappointed at the last picture. Its distasteful and should be tooken down for the respect of the family and loved ones and to the victim not to have that picture shared to the public. I mean I was right there and I could of as well took pictures of her as she sits there or the carnageleft from the accident. But no I did not!!! This could of been my child or loved one. So out of respect and empathy for others privacy and heartache. I wouldn’t even think to take pictures. So I wish for they family you would respect there privacy to such a graphic picture of there loved ones tragedy and at least take that one down. I hurts my heart to see it. So I could just guess how they may feel. Sorry no disrespect intended it just makes me sad. Thanks

    • Stacy Liniger Says:

      Thank you Amy for everything you did for my niece last night. My heart feels a little better knowing there was someone good and kind looking out for her. I wish they would take some of those pictures down. It is extremely distasteful and as her family I wish that we could have had the option when and if we ever had to see that. Thank you again.

      • Amy Smith Says:

        Please you don’t need to thank me. I only did what I would want someone to do if it was my child. I wish I could of done more then just sit there with her, I felt a little helpless at the time. But I didn’t want her to be alone and I wanted her to know she wasn’t. So I hope my presence made a difference. And I feel the same about the pictures. people don’t understand how it effects people. I was there and I would of perfered not to have to relive that moment. Im truly sorry you and her loved ones also had to see that.

  15. Amy Smith Says:

    Me and my friend not sure if they want to be identified but we where the first to the scene of this accident actually we watched it happened and we pulled over and I jumped out and I called 911 as I ran over to check if they were alive and tell the 911 operator if she was breathing and check for a pulse. She almost hit us just before she ran up the embankment. Im so sad and pretty much In shock still. My prayers go out to this girl and I hope she makes it. Prayers also go out to her family. This happened around 8:30-9 tonight right on 526 in front of boeing. Thanks to all the firefighters for being amazing and getting her out as quick as they did. Also I.want to thank my friend because if they didn’t see her coming, speeding towards us, and acted as fast as they did to get us out of the way, im sure we would of become one of the many victims of this unfortunate accident. So I thank this person for savings me and the kids lives. And thank them for keeping me straight minded so I could call 911 to get this girl help.You know who you are. Love you!

    • Jason Says:

      Thank you so much for calling quickly to get emergency help for her. Thanks to your friend for driving so well and keeping you safe, I am glad that you guys are ok, and sorry that you had to see that.